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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Christmas in May!

Hi There!

Last year - I think it was 2007, I entered a Dear Jane (DJ) Christmas block swap.

I can't remember how many that I made and received... I think it was 25 blocks.

Anyhow, I decided to pull them out and make something with them.

Found a pattern for a table runner and decided to modify it, slightly.

The place mats are something that I came up with.

Keep in mind that you're quilting-as-you-go and that the pattern called for "thin" batting...

I decided, since I love to recycle, to use old and stained tea towels.

Turned out, pretty good, IMHO!

A picture of all 4 placemats....

Another thing that I absolutely LOVED with this pattern is that the "strings" are purposely cut and sewn "crooked"!!!!!

Now, I ask you.... "HOW EASY CAN THAT BE, EH?!?!?"

Purposely, cutting and sewing crooked!?!?!?!?

Also... GET THIS!!!

I used up a LOT of my non shop quality fabrics!!!

YEP!!! you know the kind of fabric that you have hidden, in a secret tote, under your bed, or in the back of your closet??? The kind of fabric that is stiff and "crackles" as you handle it?!?!?

Well, that's what I used! No, not the ultra thin stuff - I finally got rid of that fabric!


Here's the center of the table runner.
I only wish I had added ivory sashing, between the DJ blocks
- the DJ blocks would have showed up, better.

And here it is. It's supposed to show up, as a herringbone pattern.

Thanks to those that swapped with me -
You'll be right here, beside me.... next Christmas,
partaking in our meals...




Cyn ;-) said...

How wonderful, Rosa! What a brilliant idea. The placemats are teriffic and the DJ blocks show very nicely... I think I see one from me hiding in
Here's an idea: if you want more separation between the DJ blocks and the string piecing on the runner, why not put the Ivory you mentioned around the blocks, but do it with Rick-Rack. That would work "after the fact," wouldn't it? Of course, I think it's lovely just the way it is.

Mary Ann said...

Very, very nice, Rosa! So many things you can do with these blocks, isn't there?! I did a wall-hanging with some Christmas swap blocks a while's a link to it:
I remember how much fun I had putting it together!
All the best!