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Friday, May 29, 2009

BOM - Block #7 .... Need Advice

Hi There!

Remember the BOM (Block Of the Month)
that I subscribed to, at our local
quilt shop?

Well, I just finished block #7 and
will be picking up #8, tomorrow.

I'm still not crazy about the colors...
I find them too "blaaaah" for my tastes.


Anyhow, I thought I'd ask you folks,
out there, what you suggest that
I do with these, once all 12 are done.

They're about 12 inches and
if I were to sew them
side by side,
it certainly wouldn't be
big enough for a bed quilt.

obviously, I'm gonna need some kind
of "fillers" or "spacers" or
in between, right?

Any suggestions?

Even after 3 or 4 (or is that 5 or 6???)
years quilting,
I still find myself floundering
and wondering,
"What tha heck do I do NOW?!??"



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