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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where Did My Toes Go?!?!??!

Hi there!

Gilbert and I quit smoking -
this time... 'bout 3 months ago.

Now, one might argue that it's
healthier to quit smoking
and be overweight....
and as much as I'd like to
blame this weight issue
on the fact that we quit smoking,
I think it's about time that
I rest the blame on my
own, fat, chubby shoulders....

And, to be honest,
I'm starting to hate my new "shape"!

This too, would be a wonderful wish to make...
but it sure as heck wouldn't help my:
sore knees,
disappearing toes,
high blood pressure,
eating everything that isn't nailed down,
clothes that have mysteriously "shrunk",
etc, etc, etc.

Are you getting the picture?!??!

And, at my height, I've always said that
when you loose 5 pounds... it shows.
But when you gain 5 pounds - look out...
it shows, too!!!!

Anyhow.... long story short....

Gilbert is getting fed up with these
new numbers that show up
on our bathroom scale!

He's yanked out our bicycles, oiled them
and pumped up the tires.

Yesterday, I did 15 minutes of biking
and thought I was gonna DIE!!!

Wish me luck!
Hoping to change my way of thinking -
that might change my weigh of thinking, too!
(Okay.. that was a stupid punn... I agree! LOL)

Sunday afternoon...

still got some "to do"
thinks to do.



spinquilt said...

Well good for you and Gilbert. I think Bill and I will join you as we need to become slimmer. I don't want to measure around me at the moment as I think I it will come out close to my height ..... LOL ...not really but it feels like that and my leg joints are not happy. Good luck on following your program and we will be cheering for you.
Hugs Karen

Cyn ;-) said...

WONDERFUL! Rosa and Gilbert... good for you! I have some poundage to off-load myself, so we can support one another. I like your bike idea and will get my DS to pull mine out of the dark depths of my garage! lol. And then, of course, I will have to hop onto it and actually pedal! lol. I discovered a couple of years ago that simply purchasing a bike didn't help my weight loss any. Apparently one actually has to ride the darn thing! ROFL...
Ok, Rosa, Dear-Fearless-Leader-Extroidenaire... I'm on board, too. This is Monday, so will go weigh myself [groan] and write my #s on the calendar. If you come up with anyother great ideas, please share. You and Gilbert have my support and I hope I have yours.
who has a size 10 somewhere hidden under all her extra poundage, just screaming to get out!

Cyn ;-) said...

Hello again... sorry didn't mean to write a 'book'. Guess your post just struck a raw!