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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The First Shovel of Snow.

Hi There!

I started assembling my Mr. SnowMan today.

I wanted to complete MY block 'cause I wanted to see the final product and I also wanted to see if it would pass MY inspection.

You see, I had HOPED to do the majority of the assembly with my sewing machine.

This was not meant to be.

(See picture below)

Unfortunately, the majority of Mr. SnowMan will now have to be hand appliquéd.


Thankfully, I'm not fussy and MY block will play nicely with the other blocks!

This body part was hand appliquéd - no problemo.

And this body part was sewn with my sewing machine. And, in MY humble opinion, it went together nicely.

Therefore, all of THESE (red) body parts will be done by machine.

All of the other "parts" will have to be hand appliquéd.

And here's the beginning of my 13 Mr. SnowMan blocks...

I've been cutting them (approx.) 13 inches square. I figure the recipient can always square it up to 12-1/2 inch square.

Sooooo, there's goes my ceremonial First Shovel of Snow.

My Snow People Swap Block has officially started!


This is where I got my Mr. SnowMan block.
I've modified it a wee bit from the original pattern.

I just LOVE this book!

It's good for clothing, purse/tote, table decorations, quilting - table tops, mini quilts or bed size quilts and most of the patterns can be easily converted into hook rugs.

Hope you have a GREAT week!



Pat from FL and MI said...

You keep making me more, and more curious!

tich said...

I have just caught up, reading your blog again. You haven't half been busy. Gorgeous eye candy as usual! Thanks!