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Sunday, October 9, 2011

One Last Time...

Hi There!

Weather's a fickle thing...

In my little spot on this planet, its apparently difficult to predict, even!

Approximately 3 weeks ago, we FINALLY got some (nice) summer weather!

Approximately 2 weeks ago and up until the day before yesterday - Friday, it had turned into our typical (coldish) fall weather.


Well, HELLO Indian Summer!!!

Temps rose to about 23 Celsius (75 Fahrenheit) and today, they're predicting 25 Celsius (79 Fahrenheit)!!!!

We decided not to take a chance and enjoy what will probably be our last barbecue for the season.

Yes, I know some people barbecue all winter long and, obviously, bring the food in the house to eat, but Gilbert doesn't care to do that.

Wishing my fellow Canucks a
Happy Thanksgiving weekend!!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

We do BBQ all year bit then again our weather is so mild that we can. No snow here !!

Glad you enjoyed the day!!

Today it's stitching and football... Love Sunday's!!



rooee said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!!
It's been really lovely here in upstate NY all weekend too. We have tidied the gardens and one last mow I think. The last hoorah!