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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tzat You Mah?!?

Hi There!

Today, after work,
I had a planned "Me" day!

I went up town and
went to visit my favorite store,

As I was getting low on my chocolate sugar bath scrub, I picked up another jar. This time, I chose "Satsuma". It smells like orange tangerines!!!

Mr. Sudsmuffin - the store owner and soap cook - told me that Satsuma means Japanese oranges.

I can believe that!

Well, after visiting with my friend at Sudsmuffin, I went to "Urban Deli".

While waiting for my cousin Gisele to meet up with me, I asked both my waiters if they wanted to smell my jar. They had heard of ... or walked by "Sudsmuffin" and had no idea what was sold in this store.

They were both astonished at the intoxicating and almost edible odor of my jar! I spent a good 5 minutes extolling the virtues and soapy wares of Sudsmuffin! I mean, when I'm passionate about something and truly believe in it - WATCH OUT!

I've had people tell me that I could easily sell snow to Eskimos!


After supper, Gisele and I met up with my Aunt - Gisele's Mom - at "InPrint" - a bookstore on King Street - where my blogging friend, Riel Nason, was having a book reading and signing.
(more about that in another blog)

While waiting for the book reading to start, I pulled out my jar and had my Aunt smell it. My Aunt has problems with "scents" - I had forgotten about that minor detail.

Anyhow, she LOVED the scent and had no real problems with it!

Imagine that, eh?

(All you need is approx. 1 tablespoon of body scrub and your favorite scrubby to get a great, foamy lather that miraculously rinses off CLEAN, quickly and leaves your skin SMOOTH and not yicky and scratchy!)

So, of COURSE I had the people sitting nearby smell my jar! Everyone that I spoke to about Sudsmuffin had either heard about them or walked in front of their store and never bothered to step inside and question WHAT they actually sell!

Moral of my blog?

If you walk in front of a store EVERY SINGLE DAY, on your way to work and you have NO IDEA what they do.... TAKE 5 minutes, step inside and say,

"HI! What do you guys sell? I'm curious."

Chances are , they would be more than pleased to show you what they sell or do!


Well, after the book reading, we went to our cars and it was rainy and wet and cold and blustery... a completely yucky evening!

I came home and took a shower to warm up with
my Satsuma body scrub!

Intoxicating and relaxing - all in one jar!

(No affiliation with this company other than they're my friends)

And YES, they ship internationally, too!


Mary said...

Cute, and how true! Cute name of store.

rooee said...

I am going now to google sudsmuffin! Cute blog! :)

Cyn ;-) said...

They make an incredible lipbalm, too. LOVE their stuff.