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Sunday, October 9, 2011

T-shirts and Baskets....

Hi There!

I've FINALLY got this T-Shirt quilt top finished, late this afternoon!

And this afternoon, we went out and bought some special batting for this gorgeous quilt, and Gilbert hopes to start the actual "quilting", with his Longarm Partner, Bertha.

This is the "top" end of the quilt.

And here's the bottom part.

I purposely built up and surrounded the blocks with the same marbelized purples in hopes that the blocks would appear to be "floating" on a sea of purple.

The person that will be receiving this quilt loves purple, as do I!


And since my part of the job on the t-shirt quilt is finished, for now.... I let loose and pulled out these basket blocks.

No, I didn't get too far but at least its a beginning.

Today was hotter than yesterday! We went out for a few quick errands this afternoon and everyone would say, "It's a nice day out there, today." And I'd reply with a "Yes, but it's a bit too nice for me... if you know what I mean."

And we would both nod and chuckle.



Barb said...

The T shirt quilt looks your baskets!!

Cyn ;-) said...

Gorgeous quilt, Rosa. The purple is wonderful and the blocks look like they are 'floating'. Really nice quilt.
Pretty baskets!