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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Flowers in My Baskets!

Hi There!

A while back, I had asked Santa for
"Anka's Treasures", by Heather Mulder Peterson.

I just LOVE this book!!!

I've completed THREE (3) different quilts from this book and Gilbert's almost finished cutting up the logs in a Log Cabin quilt, for a FIFTH (5th) one.

And let me introduce the FOURTH (4th) one!

It's a cute basket table topper!

And apart from the appliqués,
it's easy smeasy to do!

This morning, I finally finished hand appliqueing the flower petals - 16 in total!!!

I've selected pre-washed felted wool - I just LOVE working with wool, for appliqués! Plus, it gives you a 3 dimensional look and feel to your work!

If you haven't tried felted wool yet, I suggest you give it a try!

In fact, I've so convinced with the look and feel of felted wool, that I've been considering designing a mini block and selling the kit on Etsy.

What d'ya think? Is Etsy the best way to go?

All suggestions are welcome!



Barb said...

Oh...I love those bakets....

Pat from FL and MI said...

This quilt is adorable!

Mary said...

Love this table topper. Love the baskets, and using the wool, Great job.

Terry said...

Your blocks are beautiful...Love them:)