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Monday, January 30, 2012

Braggin' Buys - Re-Purpose and Re-Use!

Hi There!

A couple summers ago, Gilbert and I went to a (small) yard sale and I spotted this candy/cookie jar, for 2 bucks, I believe.

Anyhow, I bought it and Gilbert wanted to know what I'd do with it since it's fairly big and we really don't need to fill this sucker up with candy nor cookies!

I told him I would put my thread in it.

And I did!


You can see what threads are there and I can easily remove the cover and stick my hand in there!

So, I went to our local "Bulk Barn" and picked up several more smaller sizes.

And I still LOVE this idea!

I try to keep my thread all in one place and this helps.

Remember the Snow People swap block that I did, before Christmas?

Remember this pattern, that I bought from our local quilt designer and teacher, Gerri Richards, from Cool Cat Designs?

Well, this evening, I started working on these 2 Snow People. Hmmm.. I "was" going to put this block in the center of the quilt but now I'm thinking....

"Gosh, this might look better at the top left or right hand corner, eh?"

We shall see...

Right now, it's just fused down and I've embroidered their bodies and 1 piece of scarf. I'll try and do as much by machine as possible... but will do the smaller, intricate pieces by hand.

Will keep you updated on pics and such.



Mary said...

The snow people are great. Good idea using the jars for thread. Have fun.

Cyn ;-) said...

OUTSTANDING thread idea. Love it. The newest SnowPeople block looks great... cant' wait to see how you decide to set all the blocks.

Terry said...

Love the cookie jar thread holders idea...
Really love the snow people..too cute:)
Can't wait to see the progress.

Susan In Texas said...

The snow people are just gorgeous, Rosa. Keep up the good work! Say, are you still a happy hooker? ;) that's latch hook, of course. I haven't seen you post on it in awhile.

Susan in Texas

tich said...

Great idea to keep the thread clean but visible. Snowmen are cute!