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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last UFO for 2011 !!!

Hi There!

After work, today,I headed off to post a parcel to my friend in The Netherlands and then, to the grocery store to pick up a couple items.

Came across this fruit, called a "Dragon Fruit".

Have any of you ever tried this?

Well, the Produce Manager happened to be walking by and I asked him if I could try a piece. Did you know that you could do that? Well, here in Canada you can!


I mean.... how are you going to buy something if you don't know what it tastes like, right?

Once I got home, Gilbert was so intrigued with this fruit, that he had to take a picture!

The texture is like a real soft apple. The taste is very subtle.

Here's the LAST quilt that I finished off, in 2011,
thanks to Prairie Moons "2011 Final Countdown Challenge"!

This was a 2 year Birthday Siggie (Signature) Block Swap and I managed to put it all together, Gilbert quilted it and I did the binding and it stayed on a shelf for several months.

"Why?", you ask.

Because if it doesn't have a label on the back, it ain't finished.... in my books, anyhow.

I finally made up the label and sewed it on ....
on the 31st of December, 2011...
I finally sewed on the label to this quilt!

another UFO outta the way!

One more day and then, it's the weekend!!!

Have a Fantastic Friday, Folks!



Susan In Texas said...

Wow Rosa, you're tough. No label, no finish. Boy howdy, them's mean rules!!!

It looks TERRIFIC, by the way. I have so many siggies to deal with, but I don't think 2012 will be the year of the siggy quilt for me (and not just because it's lacking a label - lol).

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Marianna said...

Oh girl, the parcel can arrive any minute now! I am so excited! Your siggy quilt is stunning! Wish I had ever done anything with my siggies! I stopped collecting ages ago and never made anythign with them! Should do that when my jane is finished! back to work on this UFO!