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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Funky Chickens and Baby Bow Ties

Hi There!

Remember last spring, when I shared a picture of my "Funky Chickens", that I has finished hooking?

Well, Gilbert asked me how I wanted to hang this piece and I told him that I envisioned an old, wooden frame and chicken wire... to give it a chicken coop "feel".

Well, we couldn't find aged wood, so Gilbert made the frame and we hung the frame up on our upstairs deck... to "age".

It took about 8 months of sunshine, cloudy days, rain and snow to finally "age" the wood to a nice grey.

Then, Gilbert and I added chicken coop wire to the bottom half.

I think it gives it a modern yet old look.

What do you think?

And since I'm slowly trying to change the theme in my kitchen to roosters, chickens and such.... I thought this was the proper place to put this.


Another "UFO" (Un-Finished-Object) out of the way!

Remember this past summer? When everyone and their dog seemed to be making Bow Tie Quilts?

Well, recently Gilbert found some time to quilt this for me.

Just this past Thursday, I finished the binding on it.

I told Gilbert to knock himself silly with this one....
to quilt whatever he wanted....
to practice a new technique, even....

Well, he did just that - he practiced a new technique.

Done by free hand....

"Wiggle Waves"

And today, we finally broke OUT OF THE HOUSE and went on a day trip to Moncton. Moncton's about 2 hours drive from here and the city 's got lots of neat restaurants and stores!

We had lunch at St-Hubert Barbecue.

LOVE their chicken!!!!

And Moncton's got my youngest son, now.

He moved to Moncton during the first of the year and I wanted to visit him...
Okay, okay, okay, I wanted to check up on him, too!


He's fine, he's happy and he'll survive.
That's all a Mom can wish for, eh?


Hope you're having a great weekend!



Barb said...

Your chickens look great as well as your quilt.

KJ McLean said...

Love seeing the finished funky chickens! They look wonderful in your kitchen, too. :)

Frummie said...

Love the kitchen and your funky chixs!
AND, I love your shirt...LOL