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Sunday, January 15, 2012

First UFO of the Year!!!

Hi There!

Friday evening, Gilbert and I started a batch of "No Knead Bread". A few months ago, we had made a batch, I took pictures and forgot to share them with you. So, here are the pictures from the last batch of bread.... which are basically the same as Friday night's batch.


and YouTube Video

You mix your 4 ingredients in a bowl, with a fork.

After 11 or more hours of resting, you roll and fold 2 or 3 times and place in a heavily floured tea towel. Let rest some more.

Cook in a heavy cast iron pot in high heat.

Slice and enjoy!

NOTE: Our "Miche" (or bread loaf) was cooked yesterday evening.

Friday evening, we decided to make a Sharlotka. I had read a blog or two, recently where the bloggers had made one and I REALLY wanted to try this out.

It was good... not excellent but good. And as the bloggers had written, this cake or pie certainly wasn't too sweet - the granny smith apples were a bit tart and the cake part wasn't too, too sweet. Just the right combination, I guess.

This is what it looks like, sliced.

Last February, while in Florida, my friend Frummie asked if I wanted to of her floor rugs, made out of pure wool. Her cute little fur babies had played with them and both rugs now had a few "bald" spots. *grin*

Frummie knew that I like to try and find the time to hook rugs...

Well, yesterday evening, I finally found the time and fixed one of them. It's now one the side of our downstairs bathtub.... as a decorative piece. *s*

These pictures look green but the rug's more blue and ivory.

Is spring just around the corner?

Even though it's only January,
I honestly HOPE it's just around the corner!


Right now, we're in the midst of a cool spell.

Minus 15 Cel.
or, if you prefer,
4 Farhenheit...

Bundle up... keep warm...



Barb said...

Oh my gosh, next time you bake like that, give me a buzzz....I sure you needed help eating that wonderful food!

Cyn ;-) said...

YES! Double ditto what Barb said! lol. I am always available as a taster/helper.
The apple cake looks interesting. I am so sorry i could not get the link to work -- stay open, so i could read about it.
Your bread looks so beautiufl that i can almost smell its aromatics wafting all the way to California! lol.

quiltmom said...

Hi Rosa,
The bread looks yummy- I will have to check out the recipe-
The thermometer has dropped to -30 overnight and we got some snow yesterday. We had had a very mild winter up to now so we really can't complain too much.
Love the rug- you did a wonderful job of repairing it.

Susan In Texas said...

That bread looks yummy. I love messing with yeast; it always reminds me of a science experiment.

Keep warm,
Susan in Texas

Terry said...

Oh My the bread looks yummy, as does the ccake/pie :)

The rug is beautiful!!!

Here in Indiana it can't decide if it is winter or spring...16 degrees F one day and 50 degrees F. the next... No wonder everyone is sick and can't seem to get over it!!!!
Have a great week:0

tich said...

That bread looks GOOD! and so does the rug! Well done!