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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Week's Surprises...

Hi There!

Last week, I received an incredible gifty
from one of my internet friends....

Bonnie Hunter was in her area,
a couple weeks ago
and my friend send me her book....
the one that I was (coincidentally) missing!

I've read most of it and would you believe,
there's already drool marks on the pages?!?!?



And then, to make this even MORE precious -
she even got Bonnie Hunter, HERSELF, to autograph MY book!!!

And to increase the value of the book by 100% and more....

My FRIEND signed it, too!!!!


That's like getting 3 bonuses!!!!
Great book.
Bonnie Hunter's autograph.
My friend's autograph.

Cyn also included a cute, red heart
that she crocheted and 2 cute cards....
the icing on the cake, as they say!


Thanks my friend!!!!

My second surprise arrived yesterday, via email.

Another good friend bought me
the latest Inklingo collection,
"Rose Dream"....
in the 3 sizes!!!

And although all of the the examples
Linda Franz has on her blog are incredible,
this one seemed to have the "WOW" factor, for me.

The first one that she has posted on here....

Even Gilbert was impressed, I believe....
although he kept asking me,
"Yah, but what size do these quilts finish at?"

I told him,
"Whatever size you want. You don't need to do the whole thing. Or, you can make it bigger. Besides, I now have all THREE size shapes. I, myself, can decide how big I want it."

Seriously, though...
I'm looking for a "WOW" kitchen table topper.

I think this will be the one.


Have a great Sunday!


1 comment:

Cyn ;-) said...

Glad you like your birthday "loot", dear friend. It was fun to go get it for you.