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Friday, January 6, 2012

Orca Bay - Take 8-1/2

Hi There!

Right after work, today, Gilbert and I decided to go out and return a recent purchase. In the meantime, we needed to upgrade our kitchen telephone.

These 4 cuties came in a box and were begging to come home with us, even!


And.... I wanted to share with you my progress on my Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.

Yesterday evening's picture...

Since I already have a lap quilt, I asked Gilbert if he wanted this one, as HIS lap quilt. Well, I didn't have to ask him twice!


He even advised me that he wants "minky" on the back of the quilt and "puffy" batting.... which means, high loft polyester.

And, of course, he'll be doing the Longarm quilting on it, as well...

Will keep you all posted on Gilbert's quilt...



rooee said...

the quilt is going to be gorgeous! i will watch this eagerly as i have just completed my second quilt with a minky back. the first, a baby quilt, was flannel top and minky back, no batting. it came out great. the one i just did was a commission baby quilt and i put in poly batting medium loft and minky back. it quilted up wonderfully on the frame. took it off and it shrank up so to speak! i was very careful with the minky too and did not seem to be stretching it much. luckily the customer loved it like that but i was disappointed. i am wondering if i could have done anything differently?
good luck!

Cyn ;-) said...

Lookin' good, Rosa. Gilbert knows a good thing when he sees it!
Am looking forward to a 'report' on how the Minky does on the LA.

Elly D said...

Oh Rosa! Your OB looks wonderful!! I so admire your persistence/stamina with this project. I think mine has grown to a temporary halt. :))

Luck Gilbert!!