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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Better Than Winning a Give-A-Way?!??

Hi there!

What's better than winning a blog Give-A-Way?!?!?

When you have NO IDEA what you've won
and it arrives in your mailbox!!!


About 2 weeks ago, Prairie Moon Quilts
advised me that I had won a prize.


Did I ask her what it was?


Was I worried about it?


Shelly, at Prairie Moon Quilts is a
really, REALLY nice lady....
and I LOVE following her, on her blog!

I have been at the receiving end of
her generosity before and this time,
once again, she did not disappoint me!


Well, Thursday, I received a big white envelope,
from Texas!!!

I won a fascinating pattern book with TONS of ideas,
2 lovely-to-touch fat quarters....

AND, I jumped up and down
in my chair for THIS gift!!!!

She had blogged about this chap stick
and I was drooling all over my keyboard,
wishing that I could have one....

It reads...

Dead or Alive
Prairie Puckers

It has a cute cowgirl on the label, as well!

And look what it says, besides the cowgirl....

"Wet Yer Whistle"


These chapsticks are from:
Lonestar Wax Works

And, as usual, Shelly included her
signature "Thank You" card...

Thanks a bunch, Shelly!



Shelly said...

I'm glad you like it!

tich said...

Well done Rosa!!

Barb said...

What a fun prize, enjoy!!

Susan In Texas said...

Congratulations, Rosa! I love the red kerchief material and you say it feels lovely? It's really hard to find GOOD kerchief material. I know because I looked. Lots of cheapo stuff out there that feels like the only thing holding it together is the sizing. lol

Happy stitching,
Susan in Texas

Cyn ;-) said...

Super duper! No one... absolutely NO ONE jumps up and down with your enthusiasm! [I wanted to say "exhuberance", but can't remember how to spell]
Congrats, Rosa!