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Monday, January 30, 2012

Braggin' Buys - Re-Purpose and Re-Use!

Hi There!

A couple summers ago, Gilbert and I went to a (small) yard sale and I spotted this candy/cookie jar, for 2 bucks, I believe.

Anyhow, I bought it and Gilbert wanted to know what I'd do with it since it's fairly big and we really don't need to fill this sucker up with candy nor cookies!

I told him I would put my thread in it.

And I did!


You can see what threads are there and I can easily remove the cover and stick my hand in there!

So, I went to our local "Bulk Barn" and picked up several more smaller sizes.

And I still LOVE this idea!

I try to keep my thread all in one place and this helps.

Remember the Snow People swap block that I did, before Christmas?

Remember this pattern, that I bought from our local quilt designer and teacher, Gerri Richards, from Cool Cat Designs?

Well, this evening, I started working on these 2 Snow People. Hmmm.. I "was" going to put this block in the center of the quilt but now I'm thinking....

"Gosh, this might look better at the top left or right hand corner, eh?"

We shall see...

Right now, it's just fused down and I've embroidered their bodies and 1 piece of scarf. I'll try and do as much by machine as possible... but will do the smaller, intricate pieces by hand.

Will keep you updated on pics and such.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Table Topper Basket Quilt - Last Pics

Hi There!

Okay, this is the last time I post about this table topper.... I don't want to make it sound like I'm tooting my own horn but GOSH DARN... it's been awhile since I made this and with Gilbert, Bertha (our Longarm machine) and their magic.... I'm completely jaw-dropped at how this turned out!

Yes, I still need to do the binding - that's what I'll be doing this week.

Thanks for following me on my blog!


Hannah and Harrington

Started working on my block this week... But I need to bind my table topper, first..

Have a great week!


Last Week's Surprises...

Hi There!

Last week, I received an incredible gifty
from one of my internet friends....

Bonnie Hunter was in her area,
a couple weeks ago
and my friend send me her book....
the one that I was (coincidentally) missing!

I've read most of it and would you believe,
there's already drool marks on the pages?!?!?



And then, to make this even MORE precious -
she even got Bonnie Hunter, HERSELF, to autograph MY book!!!

And to increase the value of the book by 100% and more....

My FRIEND signed it, too!!!!


That's like getting 3 bonuses!!!!
Great book.
Bonnie Hunter's autograph.
My friend's autograph.

Cyn also included a cute, red heart
that she crocheted and 2 cute cards....
the icing on the cake, as they say!


Thanks my friend!!!!

My second surprise arrived yesterday, via email.

Another good friend bought me
the latest Inklingo collection,
"Rose Dream"....
in the 3 sizes!!!

And although all of the the examples
Linda Franz has on her blog are incredible,
this one seemed to have the "WOW" factor, for me.

The first one that she has posted on here....

Even Gilbert was impressed, I believe....
although he kept asking me,
"Yah, but what size do these quilts finish at?"

I told him,
"Whatever size you want. You don't need to do the whole thing. Or, you can make it bigger. Besides, I now have all THREE size shapes. I, myself, can decide how big I want it."

Seriously, though...
I'm looking for a "WOW" kitchen table topper.

I think this will be the one.


Have a great Sunday!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Workin' on UFO's!!!

Hi There!

I pieced this cute table topper last year and Gilbert quilted it, today.

My jaw actually DROPPED when I saw what he and Bertha (our Longarm Gammill) did!

Small meandering as a filler.

And a beautiful flower, as a medaillion...

It now needs to be trimmed and bound.

My buddettes just told me
that this is an OCTAGON shape.
Couldn't remember that one,
from school.

Since my Orca Bay Mystery Quilt top is finished, I pulled out and finished my "Easy Peasy" quilt.

I had first thought I'd make a Queen size quilt but then, changed my mind. I made a lap quilt and added a few extra strips and blocks around the quilt... as a border.

The quilt is actually more in these colors....
light yellows, burgundies and greens.

Next on my list?

My "Snow People" quilt, from last December's swapped blocks!

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's Better Than Winning a Give-A-Way?!??

Hi there!

What's better than winning a blog Give-A-Way?!?!?

When you have NO IDEA what you've won
and it arrives in your mailbox!!!


About 2 weeks ago, Prairie Moon Quilts
advised me that I had won a prize.


Did I ask her what it was?


Was I worried about it?


Shelly, at Prairie Moon Quilts is a
really, REALLY nice lady....
and I LOVE following her, on her blog!

I have been at the receiving end of
her generosity before and this time,
once again, she did not disappoint me!


Well, Thursday, I received a big white envelope,
from Texas!!!

I won a fascinating pattern book with TONS of ideas,
2 lovely-to-touch fat quarters....

AND, I jumped up and down
in my chair for THIS gift!!!!

She had blogged about this chap stick
and I was drooling all over my keyboard,
wishing that I could have one....

It reads...

Dead or Alive
Prairie Puckers

It has a cute cowgirl on the label, as well!

And look what it says, besides the cowgirl....

"Wet Yer Whistle"


These chapsticks are from:
Lonestar Wax Works

And, as usual, Shelly included her
signature "Thank You" card...

Thanks a bunch, Shelly!


A New BOM - I've Been Smitten!

Hi There!

One of the blogs that I follow happened to mention this link and after visiting and re-visiting and RE-RE-visiting it once again, I fell in love with these rabbits!

The Raspberry Rabbits....

(picture from their blog)

A couple of my internet friends mentioned that they've never, ever appliquéd with wool before, wanted to try it but were hesitant.

I'm not a complete expert on wool but I will certainly share what little knowledge that I DO have.

Here goes...

* * * * * PRE-FELTED WOOL * * * * *

Before you appliqué with wool, you need to make sure that it was "pre-felted".

"How do you "pre-felt" wool?", you ask.

Simple - it needs to be "shocked".

Wash it with a small amount of detergent and HOT water - NO BLEACH!! (I'll explain about the "no bleach" thing, later).

Rince it with COLD water.

Dry your piece of wool in a HOT dryer.

Not only does it fluff up your piece of wool, but it prepares it so that you can now appliqué your wool and know, for sure, that you'll never need to worry about it shrinking. You will be able to use and wash your quilt... just like you would a cotton quilt.

Oh.... if you buy "hand dyed" wool, it's already been pre-felted.... Although you might want to pre-felt it, anyhow.

* * * * NO BLEACH, PLEASE * * * * *

When I first started rug hooking, with this wool, our local shop owner told me the BEST way to find out if your "wool" is 100% pure is to take a glass and fill it with 1/4 inch of "bleach", only. Add a little snippet of your wool to this and let it sit overnight.

Gilbert and I did this - we're both "Doubting Thomases"....

The next morning, there was NOTHING left in the glass. The snippet of wool and COMPLETELY disappeared, just like the shop owner had told us.

Soooooo, basically, wool and bleach DO NOT MIX well.

* * * * RE-PURPOSED WOOL * * * * *

There's a "Frenchys" just up the hill from where I live. It's a "used" clothing and item store. This Frenchys put "wool" items in a bin for rug hookers. The same kind of wool can be re-used for appliquéing, as well. When you're re-purposing wool from clothing, you need to carefully read the label. This being said, you might not be too concerned if it's 80% wool and 20% polyester. Perhaps it's the EXACT color you've been looking for and your finished piece will go as a wall hanging and you're "okay" with this. You ARE the designer after all, right?

If you DO bring home a piece from a used clothing store, put in DIRECTLY in your washer and WASH IT RIGHT AWAY!!! Do not pass "GO"!

There's a very slim chance that this item might have moth eggs in it. HOT WATER and soap will kill moths and their eggs. You don't want to mix your 2nd hand wool items with your "new" wool pieces, right?

Another bit of advice?
Try to put some fresh lavender, tucked into your wool stash. Apparently, moths HATE lavender! And its a much better smelling option than "moth balls", right?

The nice thing about wool appliqué is that you don't need to worry about your 1/4" seam allowance and turn it under. Wool doesn't fray like cotton. You just do your blanket stitch or your running stitch! Saves time and energy.

To appliqué, all's you do is trace your pattern on "Heat 'n Bond" or any similar product. Iron it on your piece of wool. Cut around the ironed on piece of Heat 'n Bond, peal off your backing and re-iron it onto your quilt block....

Then appliqué. Easy.

(3 hours later....)

I went and picked up that piece of "Oatmeal" colored wool and while chit-chatting with the shop owner, she told me that she uses freezer paper to trace her design, iron it on the wool, cut out the pattern, peel OFF the freezer paper and then, she uses a LOT of pins to pin down her design. She says your needle doesn't have to go through the "glue" (AKA Heat 'n Bond or other similar product). It's easier on the hand, wrist and fingers PLUS it's more pleasing to the eyes. I've prepped my pieces for the 1st BOM with Lite Heat 'n Bond 'cept for the bunnies.

I think I'll try her technique for the bunnies and let you know what I think of this technique.

Personally, I LOVE the 3 dimensional feel to wool appliqué.
My fingers love to caress it!
What can I say - I'm nuts!


That's about it!

Hope you join in with this BOM!

If you do, write and send me an update....
I'll be heading off, in this cold, this afternoon, for my "oatmeal" wool. My local wool store has a chunk pre-cut for me!*

Have a Super Sunday!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Funky Chickens and Baby Bow Ties

Hi There!

Remember last spring, when I shared a picture of my "Funky Chickens", that I has finished hooking?

Well, Gilbert asked me how I wanted to hang this piece and I told him that I envisioned an old, wooden frame and chicken wire... to give it a chicken coop "feel".

Well, we couldn't find aged wood, so Gilbert made the frame and we hung the frame up on our upstairs deck... to "age".

It took about 8 months of sunshine, cloudy days, rain and snow to finally "age" the wood to a nice grey.

Then, Gilbert and I added chicken coop wire to the bottom half.

I think it gives it a modern yet old look.

What do you think?

And since I'm slowly trying to change the theme in my kitchen to roosters, chickens and such.... I thought this was the proper place to put this.


Another "UFO" (Un-Finished-Object) out of the way!

Remember this past summer? When everyone and their dog seemed to be making Bow Tie Quilts?

Well, recently Gilbert found some time to quilt this for me.

Just this past Thursday, I finished the binding on it.

I told Gilbert to knock himself silly with this one....
to quilt whatever he wanted....
to practice a new technique, even....

Well, he did just that - he practiced a new technique.

Done by free hand....

"Wiggle Waves"

And today, we finally broke OUT OF THE HOUSE and went on a day trip to Moncton. Moncton's about 2 hours drive from here and the city 's got lots of neat restaurants and stores!

We had lunch at St-Hubert Barbecue.

LOVE their chicken!!!!

And Moncton's got my youngest son, now.

He moved to Moncton during the first of the year and I wanted to visit him...
Okay, okay, okay, I wanted to check up on him, too!


He's fine, he's happy and he'll survive.
That's all a Mom can wish for, eh?


Hope you're having a great weekend!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last UFO for 2011 !!!

Hi There!

After work, today,I headed off to post a parcel to my friend in The Netherlands and then, to the grocery store to pick up a couple items.

Came across this fruit, called a "Dragon Fruit".

Have any of you ever tried this?

Well, the Produce Manager happened to be walking by and I asked him if I could try a piece. Did you know that you could do that? Well, here in Canada you can!


I mean.... how are you going to buy something if you don't know what it tastes like, right?

Once I got home, Gilbert was so intrigued with this fruit, that he had to take a picture!

The texture is like a real soft apple. The taste is very subtle.

Here's the LAST quilt that I finished off, in 2011,
thanks to Prairie Moons "2011 Final Countdown Challenge"!

This was a 2 year Birthday Siggie (Signature) Block Swap and I managed to put it all together, Gilbert quilted it and I did the binding and it stayed on a shelf for several months.

"Why?", you ask.

Because if it doesn't have a label on the back, it ain't finished.... in my books, anyhow.

I finally made up the label and sewed it on ....
on the 31st of December, 2011...
I finally sewed on the label to this quilt!

another UFO outta the way!

One more day and then, it's the weekend!!!

Have a Fantastic Friday, Folks!


Sunday, January 15, 2012

First UFO of the Year!!!

Hi There!

Friday evening, Gilbert and I started a batch of "No Knead Bread". A few months ago, we had made a batch, I took pictures and forgot to share them with you. So, here are the pictures from the last batch of bread.... which are basically the same as Friday night's batch.


and YouTube Video

You mix your 4 ingredients in a bowl, with a fork.

After 11 or more hours of resting, you roll and fold 2 or 3 times and place in a heavily floured tea towel. Let rest some more.

Cook in a heavy cast iron pot in high heat.

Slice and enjoy!

NOTE: Our "Miche" (or bread loaf) was cooked yesterday evening.

Friday evening, we decided to make a Sharlotka. I had read a blog or two, recently where the bloggers had made one and I REALLY wanted to try this out.

It was good... not excellent but good. And as the bloggers had written, this cake or pie certainly wasn't too sweet - the granny smith apples were a bit tart and the cake part wasn't too, too sweet. Just the right combination, I guess.

This is what it looks like, sliced.

Last February, while in Florida, my friend Frummie asked if I wanted to of her floor rugs, made out of pure wool. Her cute little fur babies had played with them and both rugs now had a few "bald" spots. *grin*

Frummie knew that I like to try and find the time to hook rugs...

Well, yesterday evening, I finally found the time and fixed one of them. It's now one the side of our downstairs bathtub.... as a decorative piece. *s*

These pictures look green but the rug's more blue and ivory.

Is spring just around the corner?

Even though it's only January,
I honestly HOPE it's just around the corner!


Right now, we're in the midst of a cool spell.

Minus 15 Cel.
or, if you prefer,
4 Farhenheit...

Bundle up... keep warm...


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Weekend Update

Hi There!

By Sunday afternoon, I had watched the final episode of Season 2 of "The Big C" on Net Flix, bawled my eyes out, blew my nose, straightened out my shoulders and decided to watch a new episode - "Drop Dead Diva". Not as emotionally touching - slightly humorous and entertaining, nevertheless.

And, I continued to piece my "Orca Bay Mystery" blocks together.

You know, folks.... I gotta admit.

For me, this is the most ... *insert a yawn* ... boring part about making quilts... IMHO.

Sunday evening, I yanked out my 9 dollar purchased-at-a-yard-sale-this-summer featherweight and Gilbert and I .... but mostly Gilbert.... oiled it, tested it and....


It's got a beautiful stitch and it purrs like a kitten!!!

That's about it.

Hang in there....

Friday's coming....

(your Funny Pic for the day)


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Looking Back on 2011...

Hi There!

Yesterday, Gilbert and I left the house early to do a few errands...

We needed:
photocopies done,
pick up a few last supplies for the Cat Tree that Gilbert's making,
a wooden ruler and some rick-rack for Valentines chair covers that I want to make,
go see our Internet and Cell phone provider for a possible update on Gilbert's cell phone,
pick up a 2012 kitchen calendar,
and a whole bunch of other things...

Around noon time, we decided to go eat at Montana's.

Gilbert had the Veggie Burger (top part of the picture) and I had the chicken 'n ribs. Of course I brought a "doggie bag" back home!

It was DELISH!!!

Gilbert's cell phone provider was able to upgrade his phone to the new iPhone 4.... and a white one, at that!!!

While leaving the mall, I spotted a pay phone and we decided to take a couple pictures, with it!


What a difference in phone size, eh?!??!


And, this morning, Gilbert got to "trying" to finish the Cat Tree House. "Frankie" has already taken up residence!

Gilbert has difficulty finishing it, as Frankie wants/needs some affection!


Actually, she's been near me when I'm trying to quilt and she can be VERY INSISTENT!!!

Yes, she's cute!

Let me explain a couple things....

HE was a stray that we had adopted and named Frankie Blue Eyes, for Frank Sinatra.

This past week, I found out that HE was actually a SHE!

Oh well, I guess she's now actually Frankie, short for "Francine".


Once again, I'm slowly removing the list of quilts or projects that I accomplished in 2011 from my blog and entering them on my main web page.

See the left hand side? Scroll to the bottom and you'll get to 2011. Keep in mind that I'm adding more quilts, ASAP.

It's now 9h30, Sunday morning and I've got a TON of things to do today!

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, January 6, 2012

Orca Bay - Take 8-1/2

Hi There!

Right after work, today, Gilbert and I decided to go out and return a recent purchase. In the meantime, we needed to upgrade our kitchen telephone.

These 4 cuties came in a box and were begging to come home with us, even!


And.... I wanted to share with you my progress on my Orca Bay Mystery Quilt.

Yesterday evening's picture...

Since I already have a lap quilt, I asked Gilbert if he wanted this one, as HIS lap quilt. Well, I didn't have to ask him twice!


He even advised me that he wants "minky" on the back of the quilt and "puffy" batting.... which means, high loft polyester.

And, of course, he'll be doing the Longarm quilting on it, as well...

Will keep you all posted on Gilbert's quilt...


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Out With 2011 - In With 2012

Hi There!

Found a couple cute cartoons,
representing the new and upcoming year...

Another year washes away...

I like this prayer....

Have any of you heard that THIS is the year that the world will end, according to the Aztec calendar?

And here's ...

"Back To the Future"

I've been busy working and sewing.

Gilbert.... THANKFULLY..... put away our Christmas decorations!

I think, after 11 years, he knows better - If it was left to me, they'd probably STILL be sprawled all over the house at Easter!


Wishing you all
a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!