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Monday, August 4, 2008

DJ - Siggies

Hi there!

I mailed out a parcel to my good friend, Marianna.... overseas. I had also included a "Siggie".

Since I'm rather cheap... ooops, I meant "frugal", I always send it the cheapest route.

Well, her parcel was sent out on the 3th of July and she received it a month later!

Well, this evening, I got the bright idea of drawing up a cartoon, on what I "imagined" happened to Marianna's Siggie! LOL

Either the posties take my parcels apart and hem and haw and "ooh" and "aaaah" over my gifties, or they want to keep it, for themselves, for a bit.....

Or.... the poor Siggie is left to fend for itself, on the big OPEN ocean!!!! *grin*


1 comment:

martha said...

Cute Rosa. I like the drawing:)