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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Misc. - My (mini) Vacation

Hi There!

Monday is a day off, for us Canucks - Labour Day!

Soooooo.... since I still have a few vacation days left for the year,
I figured I'd take tomorrow off!

YIPPEE!!! FOUR... 4 ... Quatre... Quatros(SP?) or, even....


DAYS OFF, in a row!!!!!!!


Anyhow, you know when you see a picture or toon and it just makes you giggle?

Well, I received this one, this week and I thought I'd save it.

Tomorrow, I have a dinner date - that's actually "lunch" for most of you...
Here in the (Canadian) Maritimes, it's the meal that we eat at 12 noon. *s*

Anyhow, my old and dear friend, Nancy sent me an email a couple weeks ago.
We haven't gotten together in awhile.
So after emailing back and forth, we've decided to do "dinner", tomorrow.

And NO, we won't be seeing male strippers, either!

Although that would have been a hoot!

Friday, after GILBERT has finished work, we're heading off to do a few errands,
and bright and early Saturday morning,
WE (as this time he specifically said "WE") will be staining the rest of our fence, together.

I HATE oil paint or stain....
Anyhow, I guess I'll "try" and do my part and not complain, too, too much. *s*

Will keep you guys posted on whatever else happens,
on my FOUR - did I mention that I have FOUR days??? - off... *VBG*


1 comment:

Elly D said...

Well I've read it now!! :-D I thought you were going off somewhere nice, DUH!!
I went to a male strip show once but by the time they came on I'd drunk too many Carlsberg Specials and couldn't focus, LOL It was a good night though from what I remembered. Those were the days..many decades ago.. sigh!