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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gifties - Cyn

Hi there!

Boys! When I start blogging, I really don't know when to stop! LOL

Anyhow, today, in my mailbox, I had a WONDERFUL surprise!!!!

My friend, Cyn, sent me this EXCELLENT book on hand quilting!!!

Talk about a great book - especially since I don't have
very much experience at hand quilting and I usually
end up scratching my head, wondering WHAT design do I do?!??!

I usually end up doing very little on my quilt.
This book has TONS of advice and I can't WAIT to
read it - cover to cover!

Here's a closeup of the title....

Now, a few weeks back, Cyn and I were emailing back and forth... or was it in "chat mode"?...
Anyhow, we were discussing 4-letter words, amongst other stuff... *VBG*

Look at the cute Siggie that she sent me!!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!

Isn't it precious?!?!

Anyhow, thanks a bunch, Cyn!

I KNOW I will enjoy my book
and your Siggie will make me smile every time I look at it!



1 comment:

Elly D said...

It's a good book I have it. Love the siggy! and the spotty fabrics ooops I mean polka dots.