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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Misc. - Gilbert

Okay, I think that I already mentioned that I'm a bit behind in my blogging and picture sharing.... but a couple weeks ago, we had had a late lunch and around 7h30 pm, we were both up in our home office and we were kind of getting hungy.

Well, Gilbert announces that HE will surprise me and go "build" something. *grin*

He brings up this wonderful plate of crackers, cheese and cute olives, on the top!
Along with 2 beers, of course! *grin*

I just HAD to grab the camera and take a picture, to share with you!

This Friday, after work, I quickly changed into old clothes and started
yanking weeds and trimming the grass around our communal fence.

Gilbert wanted to start staining the fence, early Saturday morning.
I took a couple pics, to share.

Not sure if you can see the difference... but we sure can! *VBG*

Sunday morning, he decides to change the oil
in BOTH our cars!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a picture of HIS
car.... I was too busy sewing! *grin*

Well, that's it. We now have TWO cars with fresh oil....

We should be ready for our vacation, in September!!!


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