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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Misc. - Wine

Hi There!

Well, Gilbert declared this past week that our wine was ready to bottle.
We had 2 batches on the go.

So, yesterday - Saturday - I washed and sterilized all our 2 liter bottles.

This morning, we started bottling and I thought I'd take a few pictures
to share with you.

1st batch is now bottled and corked!

It's a "Vieux Château du Roi" - red and dry - the way we like it!
The name of the wine, translated would probably be:
"The King's Old Castle". Don't ask - have NO IDEA where they got the name! LOL

Here's Gilbert, adding the wine from the 2nd batch.
Oh yah, Thunder, our German Shepherd is ALWAYS with us -
that's his rump that you see in the picture. LOL

Here's a picture of the carboy and the wine, running through the tube.

And, our 2nd batch is now in bottles and corked!

This batch, is what I think they call a "cépage".
That's when 2 (or more) types of grapes are mixed together.

Personally, I prefer a Shiraz.
The BESTEST Shiraz, in my opinion, are from Australia, Chile or Africa.
They seem to have more "punch" in the mouth - nice and savory...
sometimes with a taste of "pepper", almost. *grin*

Anyhow, Gilbert was choosing and paying for the wine kits....
He prefers a Cabernet - so, we compromised! *grin*

As I write this, it's now 12h35 noon time.
Time to grab a bite to eat and I hope to be able
sew some more, this afternoon.

Have a great Sunday!


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