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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Swaps - Jacqui

Hi there!

Well, from what I can gather,
the newest "IN" thing, in the quilting world is.....


Jacqui (another Janiac) and I started emailing back and forth
and we decided to do our own personal "dot-swap".

She happens to be a Canuck also - that means she's Canadian, like me,
and I felt that it would be easy and not too complicated,
with respect to the "mailing" part, if we swapped dots. *s*

I received her 1st bundle of dots, today.

Sure hopes she gets mine, soon. *grin*

Ain't swappin' a blast?!??!

That's about it.... planning on making a baby quilt, some day
from that magazine I had blogged about ...
was that last weekend?!??

Thanks for reading my blog!


1 comment:

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Rosa:

Yup, got my polka dots and they are safely in a cool little Moda lunch box type tin! And, I have your next one in a baggie waiting for the next batch to mail out. I even found another one!

Can't wait til our next package swap :-).

Hugs, Jacqui