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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Computer Maintenance - #5 (LapTops)

Hi There!

Recently, I've had a few requests as to how to clean a laptop computer. Well, we ALL know that you don't eat or drink over your keyboard and especially NOT over a laptop, right? But, we're all human and then, factor in teenagers, spouses and friends .... and don't get me started on the "dust factor"! LOL

Here's a few suggestions on "How to Physically Clean your Laptop":

First of all…. UNPLUG your laptop and TURN IT OFF – before you try any of this, okay? *grin*

Turn it upside down and try to shake out the debris.

Take your vacuum cleaner and a small brush and try to suck up the debris this way… if it’s still necessary. Or, if you have an air compressor or wish to pick up a can of compressed air – this might help also.

(NOTE: keep your can of compressed air away from your kids/teenagers – this stuff is REALLY dangerous, IMHO!)

Otherwise… and of course this would apply IF you had any problems with the keyboard, then you would need to take it into your favourite Puter Shop, for professional help.

Let’s all hope we can avoid that, right? *grin*

Anyhow, I hope this helps you!


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