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Sunday, May 2, 2010

I Won a BlogTest!!!

Hi There!

I've been really, REALLY bad!

I won a blog contest, which I've been calling "BlogTests", and I had received my wonderful gifty last Monday and didn't blog about it nor did I thank my "Sender". I'm sorry 'bout that, but I've been pretty preoccupied these past week or so - we might be buying a Long Arm machine and there's an awful lot of pre-thinking, pre-organizing and ... and... well, you can just imagine!

, from Nome's Brag-a-Long! had a contest on her blog, just before Easter. I submitted my name and I won!

I received a cute little Owl key chain. I'll probably add him on one of my quilting cases.

And the cutest little change purse or wallet!!!

And a cute little cross-stitch kit, too!

Thanks Naomi!!!


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Frummie said...

Congrats my love!