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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Premature Delivery!!!!!

Hi There!

Well, I forgot to write in my last blog that we our due date was Wednesday morning.

Well, we got a call from the seller (my friend), Monday evening, asking if it was possible to deliver TODAY - Tuesday.



Unfortunately, I was at work when our "baby" arrived, but Gilbert and my friend's hubby set it up and once I arrived home, Gilbert and I had a very quick supper and started the "bonding" process, with our new baby.

We watched the DVD, pausing it every 5 or 10 seconds to follow their instructions, and we learned how to clean it.
How and where and when to oil our baby....
How to thread our baby...
and then, we started loading our (practice) quilt.... which was actually 2 old bed sheets.

By the time we had everything loaded up on the machine, ready to do the actual "quilting", it was around 8h30 - 9h45 and I told Gilbert that I was exhausted. I had 6 days off, to help him with the "bonding" (read: self-training) and that I was quitting for the evening. Mistakes occur when you're overly tired, right? He agreed.

So, tomorrow morning, he has a few things he wants to tackle:
putting the LA level, once again, re-adjusting the "magnets" that hold the Horizontal and Vertical thingy in place, add some hooks or whatever underneath his shelves... to hang his (cleaning) brush and a few other things.

We should be all set to finally START quilting by late morning or early afternoon.

Will keep you all posted!



Yvette said...

Congrats! I am sew jealous!! I look forward to seeing his work.

Gisele said...

Congratulations on the new arrival!

Pat from FL and MI said...

Oh how fun! Bonding will be a real treat, I'm sure!

Shelly said...

Congratulations! You're gonna love it!

Frummie said...

I can't wait to send a quilt.
Love you