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Monday, May 17, 2010

We've Been "Nesting"....

Hi There!

All weekend, we've been getting ready for our new "Baby".... the Gammill Classic Plus!

By Sunday evening, I was EXHAUSTED and almost eager to get back to work, on Monday!

Here's a few pictures of our "nest" or, as you might call it, the "Nursery"...


(Wall #1)
Design wall, where I have my "pink" quilt, partially completed. We're not sure yet, but I might be losing either a portion or all of this wall.... depending on the actual size of our Long Arm and the space this is required.

(Wall #2)
THANKFULLY, he doesn't need this space, yet. My totes of fabric stash and my cutting board surface are still in this room.

(Wall #3)
To the right of this picture, you see the entrance to my Sewing Studio. We were thinking of using this clean, white space as a kind of showcase, where we could display samples of our work.
(still in the "thinking" phase)

(Wall #4)
Here, LOTS of sunshine or light comes in - Gilbert LOVES sunshine, when he works and it's the front of our home. You can also watch some traffic or people go by.

Now, here's pictures of my NEW "Sewing Studio"...

(Wall #1)
As you can see, "Madeleine" is on my wall....
LOVE the different tones of red and taupe, against my white wall!

(Wall #2)
Managed to put in a bookshelf, from the Long Arm space!

(Wall #3 and part of Wall #4)
Here's what USED to be a closet space... Gilbert took off the door and added shelves. You might be able to see Wall #4 - it's just a small wall, with a window and blind.

And since I wanted to share my "Pink" quilt with you, even though it's not quilted yet, here's a picture of it. Sunday morning, I sat down and pieced all the blocks together and added the 2 borders... FINALLY!

Can't wait to see it on the Long Arm!!!

Later 'gators!


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