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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gilbert and Bertha....

Hi there!

We both went to bed early yesterday evening and woke up REAL early this morning - like 5h30!

One of Gilbert's first complete morning comments was, "She's called Bertha."

I was still trying to fully wake up when I realized he had just named our new baby.

"Oh? You mean the Gammill?", I asked.

"Well yes. You're the one that told me that I had to find a name for it.", he replied.


Soooo, Bertha it is!

He had a few things to readjust and fix up, in his "Studio" and I printed out some more diamonds for that hand piecing project that I'm working on.... AND I started another cute mini quilt! Actually, it's a wall hanging kit that I received a few years ago, from a Dear Jane Secret Pal that I had at the time. I finally decided to start putting it together, this morning.

Right after dinner - that's our 12 noon meal - we got to work on Bertha. Here's a closeup of the meandering that Gilbert did!

Took a couple pictures of Gilbert....
He was concentrating on Bertha's laser.

Off to bed soon....



Barb said...

Oh....I a totally green with envy!!

faithfulquilter said...

Looking good! How I wish I could be there to see Gilbert "In action"!

Congratulations on Bertha's arrival!


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Shelly said...

Of course you had to name her! It's only right! My first was named Florence, and the one I have now is Ivy . . .