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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Storm Before the Calm

Hi There!

Well, we're getting closer and closer to getting our new "Baby".... Our Gammill Classic Plus!

We had to:
- Convince ourselves that Gilbert could a) pay off the machine, b) make a living doing this and enjoy it and c) convince ourselves that there is a demand for this service. We did an informal survey, around these parts and made up a "Business Plan, we watched the Gammill videos on their web site and.... YEP!!! IT'S A GO!!!
- Check the size of our room and the size of the machine. YEP - IT FIT!
- Go visit Mr. Bank and beg for assistance. YEP - IT WORKED!
- Clear our my son's old bedroom - he moved out last year...., repaint the walls and re-do the flooring. This will be my (new and much smaller) Sewing Studio. YEP - IT'S DONE!
- Clear out the (BIG) room that I "was" using" ... it will probably now be called the "Long Arm" room. - ALMOST ALL FINISHED!

Anyhow, here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Arrived home, this evening and my HUGE white-topped table is now gone from the Long Arm Room and into my Studio.

Here's "Bro" - my sewing machine - in a corner on the floor, probably feeling dejected and lonesome.

Here's my cutting board and shelves CRAMMED FULL of "stuff"!!!

Now, here's Gilbert working on the internet connection, TV connection and other wires and plugs and such. The white-top for my table hasn't been placed yet... as you can see.

In this shot, I took a picture of the entrance to my room and it shows the lovely shelves that Gilbert did for me.... in what USED to be my son's closet.

They're already almost ALL full 'cept for the floor section. I'll be loading a big blue tote, there.

In this shot, Gilbert and I finally installed the white top, for my table surface and "Bro" finally got up off the floor! *grin*

And as you can see, Gilbert offered to install "Madeleine" on one of my walls!

I just LOVE this mini quilt and it's sumptuous red colors!

Well, that's it!

There's still a lot of stuff that I have to sort through...

Is this for:
Our garage sale?
or to store away?

That's it, for now. Tomorrow we need to go to the store and buy some el-cheapo white blinds, for that room. And then, I have the sorting thingy to do...


P.S. .... ETA for our Gammill?
NEXT weekend!!!!
(counting the "sleepies" till then!)

Here's yet ANOTHER P.S.
Gilbert's been blogging about the renovations to my new sewing room. You might find it interesting. *grin*


Barb said...

I am so excited for you....

Greg said...

You're the second Canadian I know to get a long arm... I think I'll plan a border crossing soon... Congrats!!!!

ranette said...

Whoa...I haven't been reading blogs for a little while. You guys are getting a exciting!!!

Susan In Texas said...

Both your areas are going to be lovely. I'm so excited for you and Gilbert, though, whoa, his blog is in french! I'm just an American, ya' know, we don't speak nothin' but 'merican down here in Texas. ;) (Or at least, it wouldn't be french! lol)


PS Congratulations on your continued weight loss. You're more than 10% of the way there already!

Pat from FL and MI said...

A hooker with a 'long arm'. I don't know, Rosa. Visions kind of kinky, dancing in my head!

Jacqui's Quilts said...

How exciting Rosa! And, just think...your sewing studio is now cleaned up and mostly organized eh? Ready to go to it with your next project and you can send it next door to have it quilted :-). Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new machine!

viridian said...

Rosa: Wow big changes for you!! i should visit your blog more often.
And hey, how about that Dear Jane quilt top, eh?