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Sunday, June 13, 2010

And Gilbert had a dream.....

Hi There1

Okay, you know when you have a REAL stupid dream, wake up and tell your better half?

Well, about 2 months ago, Gilbert told me that he had a dream about these bright, colorful, flower powered kinda.... pillow cases!


Anyhow, I promised him that we would go look in Calais, for some colorful fabrics.

Gilbert's not your typical man -
You know, your black, brown and navy blue kinda man?!??!

He LOVES colors!!!!

Anyhow, I only managed to make ONE pillowcase today -
we had a MAJOR learning curve with "Bertha"....

Nope, don't really wanna go into details,
'cept "Bertha" didn't really behave today...
We had to spend the good part of the day
with her, unfortunately.....
and it wasn't a pretty picture, either!

Well, here's a picture of my one and only (so far) pillow case.... done with the blue flowered fabric.

Got some more pictures to share and
more blogging to do.

Hopefully, by this evening I'll be all set to blog again.

Later 'gators!


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