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Friday, June 11, 2010

Trip to Calais, Maine, USA = FUN!!!!

Hi There!

Took a day off today and Gilbert and I headed off to Calais, Maine, USA to pick up some bobbins that we had ordered for "Bertha" (AKA the "other" woman in Gilbert's life - LOL).

Bertha requires MUCH bigger bobbins that a regular sewing machine.... but honestly, with Bertha's size and if you were to put things in perspective, the bobbin should probably be the size of a car tire rim! LOL

Thankfully it isn't - the 36 bobbin postage would have KILLED US!


Gilbert saw and fell in love with this bright, fluorescent T-Shirt! Of course, we had to bring it home with us! *grin*

(muttering to herself, "I've never seen a man with so MANY T-shirts!)

Then, and even though we're technically still supposed to be on a diet, we decided to fill up our empty peanut butter container with Dove chocolates.... yet again!

Hmmmm.... Okay, just ONE chocolate per evening won't be too bad, right?!??!
(help me out here, PUH-LEEESE!!!)

One of my buddettes sent me a Tim Horton's coffee card, which we promptly used for 2 coffees, once we got back home!

Thanks my friend!

Oh? And see the strips of fabrics, in the forefront of this picture? Well, she printed out a WHOLE BUNCH of Civil War diamonds, for our Star Table Topper project!

Here's our very FIRST "international" quilt order!

The owner gave us full permission to do what we want to, with this one. In fact, she kept insisting that it was an "ugly" quilt.

Gilbert and I BOTH think it's a darling quilt!!!!

And wait till we're finished "zinging it up", with "Bertha", our Longarm Gammill - You won't even recognize it!!! *VBG*

I received a copy of Jo Morton's newest book, from a friend that ordered "2" of these, by mistake.

Aren't "I" the lucky recipient?!??!?!

And then, because I didn't have any "blue" to make our Star Table Topper project, she sent me some of Jo Morton's fabric - the same IDENTICAL one as in the magazine!!!!!!!

Elaine.... YES I'm blessed, to have such marvelous friends AND this wonderful piece of fabric, too!


I hope you ALL have a wonderful weekend!

Gilbert and I should be "longarming" this weekend....


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Cyn ;-) said...

That sure is a lovely blue and ought to go really well with your diamonds.
I love the 'patchy' quilt, too. I don't think it's ugly at all!