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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Calais, Part Deux...

Hi there (once again)!

Managed to grab 3 patterns,
while I was in Calais, Maine, USA,
in Mardens.

Thimbleberries - Forest Floor Throw,
for $2.99

And Elaine got me into
"American Jane" fabrics
and I picked up 2 more patterns...

"Hole in the Barn Door"

And "Animal Sounds"

Both of these were only $1.99 EACH!!!!

With all of these wonderful Longarmed quilty projects that Gilbert has been doing for me, I have TONS of things to "bind"....

Anyhow, I have now (sewing machine) BLINDED a total of 8 place mats plus 3 thingies to put under a hot pot, or whatever. *grin*

A closeup of one of my place mats.

And another closeup of the back of my place mats.

Now, I have 4 more, of the same series... at work. I'm doing the binding by hand.

Have a great week!



Terry said...

Love your placemats. The fabric is toooo cute!!!!
Hope Bertha is behaving better now:) Those "other" women can be such a pain (LOL)

Riel said...

Hi Rosa, I LOVE Marden's! 95% of my fabric comes from the Calais Marden's. I can't believe the great designer fabrics and the price!!! I have no idea now how I found your blog, but I'm glad I did. (You know how you click here, then a link here, then here, then who knows ...) I live in Quispamsis and am new to quilting, but I have a blog too. So much fun! Riel

Elly D said...

Very cute ;) Nice quilting too :))