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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

PIllowcase Dresses

Hi There!

Have you heard about the latest craze, for little girls?

"Pillowcase Dresses"!!!

Got my pattern from:

But, to be honest, there are TONS of web sites with tutorials on these cute pillowcase dresses!

I just made 3 dresses in 2 days - coulda done them faster, but I made them from scratch AND I had other things going on, too.

Here's the polka dot one...

And this evening, Princess Sophia came over with her Mommy (my sister) and modeled her new dresses. *grin*

And here's her "Cats 'n Dogs" dress. This one, I added some dangly beads to it.

The Princess LOVES dangly beads! *grin*

And this one is made from fabric that my friend, Elaine, sent me.... I had the lace and it just seemed "perfect"... *grin*

Doesn't she look like a true Princess?!?!?


Had a BLAST sewing these.... quick and easy - that's what I like!



Pat from FL and MI said...

Oh yes, a princess for sure. A proud aunt too! Lovely.

Barb said... your model...