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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi There!

Last Sunday, I finally got the "To Do's" out of the way. You know what I'm talking about...

Gotta Do's
Haveta Do's
Wanna Do's
Need to Do's

And, I allowed myself to FINALLY out my unassembled Dear Jane and continue putting her together.

Oh MY - but it IS rather comical when I look at my sewing skills... way back when!

Just LOOK at those un-cut seams!!! At time, I didn't think it was important and didn't bother trimming my seams to 1/4 inch!

Oh well.... I'm not even going to try and think about this!

Gilbert wants to put it on the Longarm and do each block and triangle up.... fancy smancy - that's HIS job now. I've done mine. *grin*

Here I am sewing up the muslin framing. Gilbert INSISTED that I do scallops on her!

And this week, I pulled out a pre-quilted baby quilt, from Wally World and sewed on the binding.... Another UFO, in my books!


Okay, some of you might cringe at a pre-quilted quilt, but if you're going to give this to your cousin's friend's granddaughter... honestly - do you REALLY wanna spend a lot of time and money for this gifty?!??

And here's our first international order....

Turned out pretty nice, IMHO!

Gilbert did a pretty good job with the back too, eh?

That's it, for this evening - I'm EXHAUSTED!!!


Barb said...

YOu have been so your stippling.

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Rosa,

I'm back in the land of the living after surgery last week. Yuck! It's nice to see what everyone is up to. Sewing clothes? Girl, have you lost your mind? *VBG* Plus, I'm totally with you on the cousin's friend's granddaughter level of effort required - I think you nailed it just right.

I'm glad you and Gilbert are enjoying Bertha so much. You're really going to trust your DJ to him? Must be love! I'm sure he'll do a terrific job.

Time for my meds,
Susan in Texas