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Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend's Agenda - 18 June 2010

Hi There!

Decided to share with you my weekend plans.

Didn't find any major activities noted on my.....
(see picture below and try to guess the word, before scrolling downwards)

"I Pod"

Yep, I try and mark down our "activities", on my I-Pod.... and other than a Graduation celebration this afternoon, picking up (possibly) some groceries and doing my bestest at avoiding housework (dishes and laundry and such nonsense)....
looks like I'll have PLENTY of time to play in my Sewing Room!!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend!!!!



Cyn ;-) said...

Play away, girlfriend! Have a fun day... btw, LOVE your clever "iPod" picture. lol

Frummie said...

Have a great day sweetie.

Terry said...

Love the "Eye Pod" picture (LOL)
My weekend plans are the same as yours...little to no housework & lots of sewing room time :) Have fun, hope we both have lots of accomplishments to blog.