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Friday, June 11, 2010

Gifties and Brain Worms...

Hi there!

I received a lovely package, from a blog contest.

*hanging my head in shame*

I've been so incredibly busy that I haven't had a CHANCE to share pictures with all of you....

I was the runner up (2nd place) on the "Mother's Day Drawing", thanks to "Nothing Says Lovin' like Muffin". Thanks Muffin!

(As a footnote, I just read that Muffin has recently gone to meet her maker.... Have a safe trip, Muffin and may you be forever happy!)

My friend Elly, send me some more "diamonds" (more on that later) and she added a few gifties in her package.

A lovely postcard! She had visited this castle.

(Remember - you can click on my pictures to see them bigger.)

And I just LOVE this coaster!!!!

It's by Edward Monkton and I will be bringing it to my work. I just know that I'll smile and think of Elly, every day when I set my cup of coffee on it! *VBG*

Well, since "Bertha", our Longarm Gammill, has taken residence at our home and Gilbert's been spending quality time with her - and NO! I'm not jealous, either! LOL - he's had the internet radio on, in that room. He usually listens to 60's and 70's music, which I enjoy as well.

Anyhow, THIS tune played a few times and is now firmly planted into my brain!


Song: Jeans On
Singer: David Dundas
Circa: 1976

P.S. If the song gets stuck in YOUR head, don't say I didn't warn you! LOL

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