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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sewing Clothes - YUCK!!!!

Hi There!

Don't know if you're like me but, after a few years....

You forget "stuff" and
you absolutely HATE sewing clothes!!!!!

I think the last time that I had sewn clothes, was probably when I was in my 20's and I absolutely HATED it then!!!! What would possess me to think that I, would fall it in love with sewing clothes, now, at MY AGE?!?!?!?!?

'Cept for the fact that I had COMPLETELY forgotten how much I DESPISE sewing clothes - pull out instructions, pull out pattern pieces, iron pattern pieces, cut OUT pattern pieces, pull out fabric, find the grain of fabric and pin pattern to fabric. Once again, pull out the scissors and CUT out fabric, re-read instructions (for the 100th time), mark fabric with fabric markers for appropriate "marks", un-pin and start sewing. OH WAIT A MINUTE! You forgot to change your sewing machine needle to a different postion and HOLD THE TRAIN - you didn't buy interfacing 'cause it wasn't listed on the "requirement" list, yet it tells you to sew it!!!!!

And this is only HALF of the procedure! And, I like to say that Walmart (and others) bust their BEHINDS to sell clothes - why bother sewing them, eh?!??!

Anyhow, last year, I went to visit my sewing mentor and Aunt, to help me with this darn collar. My Aunt, who has made TONS of clothing... even made a few wedding dresses, couldn't figure this one out!

Finally, last week, one of our Longarm quilting clients, who happens to also be a seamstress, suggested what I should do with this collar and SHE AGREED that it was a ridiculous pattern - as far as collars go!

And here's the kicker - you ready for this?!?!

I'm the stupid one that OFFERED to make this, for my sister!!!!


Anyhow, once again, pick me with a fork - I'm DONE!

Now, let's all bow our heads and mutter a few grateful words, under our breaths, and carry on with "Quilty" stuff!!!

Have a great Sunday!!!!



Frummie said...

You are a silly. Sewing is suppose to be fun NOT work.

Cyn ;-) said...

I'm with ya, Rosa! I don't make clothes anymore either... I just order mine from "Omar The Tent Maker" and spend my time quilting, knitting & tatting... lol

Barb said...

Great job....

I still have a shirt for my husband that I cut out months ago, waiting to be sewn.

Elly D said...

Firstly, Is that what you're wearing, what you made??

Secondly, Is it warm where you are just now seeing as you're in shorts?

Thirdly, I see that you have no curtains in your living space either ;)) me neither, LOL.. just extra to wash.

Forthly, I think there is a part started skirt somewhere in the cupboard that's been there a couple of years.

Fifthly, I forgot now what I was gonna say so I'd better get to bed, ;)) Have fun sewing ;)

termtqw - timetoquit LOL...

Terry said...

Clothes, no, no. No fun at all!!! I stay away from it as much as possible:) And clothing repair work is even worse!!!! The most I do is sew on a button, no patching, no new zippers, no alteration work, nope, not me!!!


Linda said...

I guess I am alone in this...I love sewing children's clothes. Sometimes the patterns are a bit ridiculous but the ens result can be so darn cute!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I feel the same about sewing clothes.......quilting is a heck of a lot easier if you ask me!!