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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Errands and Such

Hi There!

Gilbert and I head out,
yesterday morning, to do our
"Saturday Morning Errands".

First, we went to bring our empty bottles, to get recycled.

Do you guys do that, or just leave them by the side of the road, for your municipality workers to pick them up?

Here, they're called "Redemption" Centres.

Don't know why, but being a Catholic girl, I've always found the name "Redemption" a bit odd, for a recycling centre... LOL

You wait for your turn and when you're next, you bring your bottles to the table and the workers sort them out. Then, they hand you a slip of paper, which you take to their little office and BINGO! They give you some money. Most times, it's under 5 bucks for us. This time, we made off with 5 bucks and some change!


From the Redemption Centre, we went to Bertha's bank.

Right across from this spot, is our
"Moosehead Country Store".

A lovely little boutique, that sells Moosehead stuff.
(NOTE: Moosehead is our local brewery.)

Since we have one new quilt finished for our bed (Notre Première Quilt) and a few more on the go, we decided to donate our well used but still good quilts.

We called up the Salvation Army, in my city.... No, not where they sell stuff but where they have their shelter. Anyhow, they were VERY HAPPY to receive our two quilts.

If ever you have some old quilts that still have some life in them, please consider donating them to....

your local Salvation Army,
or to your local Animal Shelter.

I've been told that they, too, accept quilts and blankets.

From the Salvation Army, we went off to the Quilt Show (more pictures to follow), grabbed a bite to eat - it was 12 noon - and then, went to our local quilt shop to pick up a bottle of "505", spray adhesive for Gilbert and Bertha.

Came home and Gilbert worked on the
final touches of our VERY FIRST....

TAAA.... DAAAA.....


I designed the basics of it and Gilbert finished it off.

We're calling it "Bruce the Moose".

And, of course, Gilbert had to try it out on a scrap piece of fabric!


While he worked on "Bruce", I worked on my "Spider Quilt".

Here's a picture of my design wall, from last weekend.

I believe it's when I realized that I was missing a whole row - 6 complete blocks - of the blue fabric!

And since my friend Cyn has located and mailed out, yesterday, some more blue fabric, I decided to pick up where I had left off.


Thanks a bunch, Cyn!!!!

Today's agenda?

Help Gilbert "build" some lasagnas, to freeze.

And quilt - hopefully.

Have a Super Sunday!!!!



Barb said...

You had a busy day spreading goodwill in your community.

Love the moose is loose.

Susan In Texas said...

We just put all our recycleables into our big blue bin and they get collected every Thursday morning. We don't even have to separate the paper from the plastic and glass anymore, which is very nice.

Take care,
Susan in Texas