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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday the 13th...

Hi There!

This past Friday, I received two parcels in the mail. Who ever said that Friday the 13th was unlucky?!?? Not for me, anyhow!


Cyn's parcel of TWO YARDS of the much-needed blue fabric arrived, along with a freebie pattern, from the quilt shop!

Gilbert and I collect quilt shop business cards. Ya just never know when you need to contact a certain quilt shop, eh?

Well, as Gilbert put our new-to-us business card away, I noticed "The Cotton Cupboard" business card. They're in Bangor, Maine.

This is what they have on the BACK of their quilt card...

Don't you just love it when companies give you useful information, on their business cards?!?!?

Makes you want to hold onto them and not lose them.... instead of just putting their card away in a drawer and forgetting about them.

Intelligent marketing, I would say.

(Hmmmm... maybe WE need to revise our business cards...)


Well, I also got a package from my local wool shop. I belong to their "Wool Club".

Sande sends us, every 2 or 3 months, 4 pieces of hand dyed wool, for $16.95 - shipping included, too!

Unfortunately, the camera doesn't do justice to these incredible colors.

"So, what have you been working on?," you ask.

Well, I FINALLY finished hand piecing my "Rainbow Flowers" from Inklingo. Thursday evening, I brought it downstairs and pressed it and put it up on my design wall. Now, I just need to dig out some batting, iron the backing, baste it and hand quilt it.

Took me a month or two.... debating on whether I was going to machine quilt it, hand quilt it or just ask Gilbert and Bertha to do their magic.

It's only about 20 inches (squarish) and I figure that once I hunker down and start working on it seriously, that it won't take too, too long. *s*

Friday evening, Gilbert and I decided to do our errands there and then, instead of waiting till Saturday morning. I personally, was all gung-ho on this since I figured I'd be able to play in my quilt studio early Saturday morning.

Would you believe that after I dilly-dallied and played around on the computer Saturday morning, it was then lunch time?!??!

By the time that I FINALLY went into my studio, it was around 1 p.m.!

So much for starting early, eh?

As you can tell from the picture, I've been working steadily on my "Spider Blocks"....

Once again, Cyn, I can't thank you enough!

Today, I was invited to my cousin's daughter's baby shower.

I decided to try and make something easy, yet fancy smancy....

Cucumbers, cut into quarters and you remove a bit of the seeds.

A little glop of Philly dilly dip.

A shrimp.

And some fresh sprigs of dill, for deco.

(modified from THIS recipe)

I think some ladies were "WOW'd" by the presentation and taste.


Have a great week!



Cyn ;-) said...

Wow, it sure got there fast! So glad it is the correct fabric.
LOVE your Horse-durvey cuke idea. Delish -- just may have to 'steal' this idea!
Cyn; -)

Elly D said...

Oh I'm so glad Cyn came up trumps for you with the blue fabric :)
Love your flower power coffee top :))
And like Cyn says your 'horse's dufers' look wonderfully tasty. Love the plate they are on too ;)

repomie... an aussy returning to live in the uk... okay it's early for me, LOL.. hugs Ellyx

Susan said...

Thanks of the tip using cukes... The dill would add the extra something for kick....

Congrats on winning the purse. It looks like a good one....

I understand about the day slip sliding away. That happens to me a lot..........VBG

*karendianne. said...

I really think you've done an amazing job! So happy for you. *karendianne.