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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mom's Special Day

Hi There!

This past Sunday, my sisters and I.... as well as our cousin, decided to take our Mother out, to celebrate her belated birthday AND Mother's Day.

She LOVES gardening! So, we decided to meet at Scott's Nursery. I believe one of the workers told me that they had 16 acres of greenhouse. That's a LOT of plants!

We all gave Mom some spending money and she was in the "ZONE", amongst her plants!

But seriously, I can understand the feeling! I get that way in a big fabric store!


Afterwards, we went to "McGinnis Landing" and had an excellent meal. Our waiter, Jamie Cameron offered to take our picture.

Well, I can't remember having such a funny and entertaining waiter!!!

Just before he took our group picture, he took a couple of himself.... with his back to us.

It's only when I got my camera back that I saw what kind of pictures he had taken of himself!


Trust me - he's the bestest!

*still giggling over here*

Well, let's change the subject here a bit....

I had the day off yesterday - "Victoria Day" .... which is the Queen's Birthday. I decided to take today off, as a vacation day.

This afternoon, I tried two new muffin recipes, from my favorite cookbook "Company's Coming".

"Apple Streusel Muffins", on the left.

"Banana Chip Muffins", on the right.

And since I bought a bag of my favorite fruit,
I thought I'd take a picture.

Life IS a bowl of cherries!!!

Hope you all have a GREAT week!



Brigitte said...

glad you spent some quality time with your mom and sis! looks funny
and the Apple Streusel Muffins sounds so yummy, please give me the recipe, my friend
hugs Brigitte

quiltmom said...

Rosa, The green house is one of my father's favorite places and we often buy flowers/ plants for him as a father's day gift. It looks like a fun family time.
As for Cherries- I am told they are excellent antioxidant and really good for one if you have arthritis or other join pain.