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Friday, May 6, 2011

Notre Première Quilt

Hi There!

I FINALLY finished binding this baby!

And Gilbert and I came up with a name for it, as well.

It's our first, very own, personal quilt
for OUR bed.

We've called it,
"Notre Première Quilt"
(meaning Our First Quilt)

And here's the label.

As you can see,
I hadn't finished sewing it on
the back of our quilt.

It's now on our bed and we should be sleeping under it, this evening.

One UFO down.... several more to go.


BTW, my friend Cyn has helped me with my "Easy Spider Quilt"...

She's sending me some of that blue fabric that I was missing.

Thanks to all of you that wrote!

Heading off to our local quilt show, this weekend.

I'll probably be snapping pictures and blogging about it, later...


1 comment:

tich said...

The quilt is lovely!