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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project Update - 22 May '11

Hi There!

Do you sometimes feel like that poor hamster? Running around, all the time, in it's wheel and not going anywhere?

Well, that's how I've felt in the past month or so. Yes, I work on projects but they're either long-term projects or, for whatever reason.... I can't actually "finish" them and put them to rest.

Anyhow, here's at least ONE project that I got to finish and mail off to special friends.

These are wooden Dear Jane blocks that I painted and varnished. Gilbert added a magnet on the back.

NOTE: my painted melons are the same as my fabric melons.... NOT PERFECT!!! LOL

This mini quilt was finished a while back but Gilbert and Bertha were both busy with other clients' quilts and couldn't take the time to actually quilt it. Yesterday, with my most winning smile, he and Bertha quilted it.

It's cross hatched with ivory thread.

The blocks are 1-1/2 inches each. Total quilt size with probably finish at 12" square.

But here's the kicker: Once I've bound this quilt, I can proudly tell you that there will be ONE HUNDRED ONE (101) different Civil War fabrics on this 12" X 12" quilt!!!!

Neat eh?

So, since we were "supposed" to see the end of the world, Gilbert and I decided to have our "special" drinks, before 10 p.m. our time. *grin*

I had this drink, while in Florida. It's called a "Blue Ocean" and while there are different recipes for this on the net -some with rather complicated or exotic-to-me ingredients - I decided to make up my own recipe, each weekend, until I have the right recipe for me.
(Gilbert and I usually have one special drink, during the weekend.)

Gilbert's a martini man - what can I say?

Yesterday evening's drink had:

1 shot of Blue Curaco
1 shot of Malibu Coconut Rum
7 Up - approx. 1/2 a cup.
1 cherry

BTW, although Blue Curaco looks like a watered down version of blueberries, it smells and tastes like oranges.

It was delish, but I'll add pineapple juice, next time. Should be interesting. *s*

Anyhow, it's now almost 9 a.m.

Gotta go wash my hair. My sister is picking me up. We're having a Mother/Daughters Day at one of our garden centers.

I'll blog about it later.

Have a great Sunday!



Susan said...

Your Dear Jane magnets are ...dear.
A lot of work in them, I can tell.

The HST quilt is something I would love hanging on my wall. I just might get out my bag of tricks and see what I can do.........

I am a Brandy Alexander girl myself. I have one of them each week.......

Brigitte said...

dear Rosa,
yesterday one of this darlings arrived safe at my door. Lucky girl I am!!! love this cutie - thank you so much
big hugs Brigitte

Cyn ;-) said...

Dear Rosa,
You get so much accomplished, dear friend; you just amaze me!
I am such a lucky-ducky as one of your darling DJ Blocks arrived at my door! Thank you -- I love it!
The 'special' drink sounds yummy. I didn't know the "blue stuff" tasted like oranges. Wow, gonna have to try it! lol
Have fun on your girl's day out at the garden center -- one of my fave places to go!
Cyn; -)