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Monday, May 9, 2011

Horse Shoe Up My Butt

Hi There!

Gilbert started custom quilting
"My Birthday Siggie" -
I can't WAIT to show it off to the world! *VBG*

Back to our quilt show....

This one, I just LOVED the colors!

Gilbert elbowed me and whispered,
"I quilted this one."

GOSH! I had forgotten!
*slaps her forehead*


Do I need to say anything
about THIS ONE?!?!?

Now, THIS is one that I remembered
that Gilbert had done
and HE had forgotten!

Here's one of my blogging friends,

I was sooooo happy
to see that she had won
a ribbon!!!!

Now, here's the "Horse Shoe Up My Butt" part of my blog. I purchased some tickets, at our quilt show and yesterday evening, AFTER our quilt show was finished, I got a call, telling me that I had won one of the purses.

It was done by one of our guild members and it's called,
"The Big Red Purse".

It's INCREDIBLY well done!!!

I just LOVE IT!!!

There's 2 nice pockets inside this purse
and there was also a change purse,
or zippered pouch,
with this purse!

Sooooo.... if you see me walking rather funny,
it's 'cause I have a horse shoe up my butt!




Riel Nason said...

Thanks for the link up Rosa! It really was a great show!!

quiltmom said...

Congratulations Rosa- it is a beautiful person for a lovely lady. Enjoy..
The show looks like there were some terrific quilts- Going to a show is always awe inspiring.
Thanks for sharing.

Cyn ;-) said...

Nice purse! Congrats on winning.
Looks like a wonderful quilt show. Am glad to hear that Gilbert's work is on display... didn't you have a couple of quilts in this show???
Yours is a fun blog to read, Rosa.