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Friday, February 26, 2010

2 Week Old Gifties...

Hi There!

About 2 weeks ago,
I received yet ANOTHER
incredible box from my friend, Elaine!

This one was for my special day.

She sent me this INCREDIBLE
picture frame, with our pictures in it!
(You've GOT to click on it,
to read what's written!!!!)

Then, she told me that she
had picked up some Bear Poop,
while on her travels - just for moi!!!!
(BTW, I finished the last pieces, yesterday evening! YUMMY!!!)

This softest and cutest and MOST cuddliest Teddy Bear, that you can imagine!!!!

A nice tube of M & M's,
with a Bobble-Head, on the top!

This also makes me smile,
whenever I shake him!

Doesn't he look like quite the flirt!??!?

And another beautiful ornament.
I believe this one is called "Friends"

I can just picture Elaine and I,
sitting around for a chit-chat.

This one is right beside my sewing machine, in my Studio and near my computer mouse. It is COMPLETELY un-avoidable - I HAVE to look at it, every time I'm in my studio and I HAVE to think about Elaine and her friendship!


Can I tell you a secret?
I really didn't need this ornament to think about her and my other friends....
*still grinning*

Thanks a bunch, my blood sister!

Have a great day!


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