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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shopping - Part 2

Hi There!

As there was a lot of "stuff" that
Gilbert and I picked up on Friday,
while we were in Bangor, Maine,
I decided it would be best if I
divided up some of these pictures,
into several blogs.

Gilbert saw these clamps in Mardens
and felt they would be VERY useful,
with his hoses and other things.

I picked up this cute, and yet simple,
little magnetic box, for 1 dollar.
You cut and paste a picture on the front,
and stick it on your fridge.

Okay, it's kinda stupid
but I thought it was rather cute and different!
And it was only 1 buck, right?

At Mardens, Gilbert picked up a pair of carabiners
(those oval hook thingies),
a rubberized and flowered
license plate cover (for my car),
and a little pair of wire cutters for 1 dollar.

The 2 containers of "tie wraps" for 1 dollar each,
at The Dollar Tree.

He grabbed a bunch of "toggle bolts" at Mardens.
These were a variety of different sizes,
for 75 cents per pound.

A note pad for me to write to my friends,
with grapes, wine and cheese, on the foreground...
an EXCELLENT pair of scissors -
I purchased 2 of them, at 1 dollar apiece
and a bottle of cleanser, for Gilbert in his workshop...

Okay, here I've got to explain something.

Gilbert and I RARELY buy any clothes.
When our "good" clothes are spotted or stained
or getting a bit raggety, they become what we call "Grade B"...
we use them for around the house.
When our clothes become "Grade C",
well they're worn for when we paint
or do really DIRTY jobs!

When Gilbert and I got together,
he had maybe 30 or 40 t-shirts - no kidding!
I don't think I had ever seen anyone with that many!

Anyhow, he's slowly been culling them,
after they've become "Grade C"
and we also had a serious talk,
about all these t-shirts!

Anyhow, while in Walmart,
we passed a rack of T-shirts at 3 dollars each.

*long sigh*

As you can tell, he got himself another t-shirt!

Here's Gilbert with his new
winter coat, from
Burlington Coat Factory....
for only 30 dollars!!!
(yes, it's warm, too.)

Picked up these 2 travel glasses,
for 1 dollar apiece at The Dollar Tree.
And these 2 cute little cauldrons
for our salsa sauce.
They were 2 for 1 dollar,
also from The Dollar Tree!

And for my final picture sharing, today...
I got 2 of these, for my nieces.
Cute, eh?

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!!!!

Try to stay warm, eat plenty of chocolates
and share a bit of Love...



P.S. Told you we bought a lot of "stuff"!

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You are certainly a great shopper!