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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shopping - Part 1

Hi there!

Okay, as promised,
I've taken a few shots of the "stuff"
that we bought, yesterday.

This "stuff" was picked up at
either Marden's or Walmart (in Calais).

I desperately needed these colors,
although bright Cherry or Apple red threads
would have been nice, too...

But that's okay.
I know I'll find
those color threads, someday.

More lovely, luscious colors!!!

Saw these gorgeous 30's fabrics -
picked up 1 yard of these prints.

Now, for some silly reason,
I fell in love with what I call
the "Eyeball" fabrics!


I've got plans for these 2 "Eyeball" fabrics,
so I decided to pick up coordinating fabrics.
(Not sure which of the 2 greens will make it into my quilt.)

I just LOVE this "Honey Bee" fabric,
and the coordinating fabric that was available!
Got some more placemats,
on the brain for THIS fabric!

I picked up some rather dark speckled muslin
and some white tone-on-tone.

Us quilters need our whites and muslins, right?

Gilbert's son and his girlfriend are expecting
their first child, in August.
I was happy to see this green "Minkee" -
should make a nice baby quilt, eh?

Plus, the 2 other pieces (fat quarters)
of flowery fabrics...
I think they're from the same line
as last year's BOM, that I was doing.

And then, I saw 3 fat quarters that I
couldn't refuse...
Ultra BRIGHT cartoonish hens and chicks...
Bright ladies and
nice polka dots!
At 75 cents each, it was a steal, IMHO!

Okay, I'll try and upload some more pics
of "stuff" that we got...

Later ...



Barb said... it all!!!! What fun!

Susan In Texas said...

That's a really pretty Minkee color. I haven't seen that one before. Have you ever used Minkee before? Do you know what a slippery pain it is to work with? Even the basting spray doesn't work quite as well on it; it takes twice as much spray to get half as much sticking power. I love the Minkee, but I only use it for the quilt back, and then spray it down like crazy. Good luck!


quiltmom said...

I love the dotty fabric and the last set of bright colors. The green minkee is perfect for a baby blanket or quilt.
That Marden's store is quite the place- Looks like you had a great time.
Was the thread a good price there too?
I have bought mostly Connecting Thread thread because what is available out here is pretty expensive even when Fabricland has it half price- about 7 dollars for the 1100 yards of thread.
I am still dawdling along today- planning then playing on the computer and watching the Olympics.
The " I fixed email" had my son laughing so hard that he was crying.. He works in a car repair shop so the car repairs were hysterical.