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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quilters are nice!!!

Hi there!

A few weeks ago, one of my
'net friends asked if Gilbert wanted
her "Kaput" Camera.

I didn't even bother
Gilbert with that question...
I KNEW he'd say YES!!!


Well, her "Kaput" Camera -
she calls it that name -
arrived yesterday!

Gilbert was quite pleased
and within 1/2 an hour
he had already found a
memory card and batteries to put in it!


It's still "Kaput", as I write this
blog, this evening, but he has
a lot of different ideas on
how to possibly fix this...
Kaput Camera.


Now, aren't quilters the best?!?!?

My friend wrapped the camera
in a gorgeous piece of green fabric!!!!

Looks like watermellons, eh?

UPDATE: I realized that these were cacti,
the day AFTER I posted this blog and
1/2 an hour later,
I received an email from Jan,
telling me the same thing. *VBG*

Tks Jan!

Truly appreciate this....



Susan In Texas said...

I think I like the fabric better than the camera. lol I have a whole closet full of kaput cameras of my own. 8)


Barb said...

I think that fabric is awesome!!!

Frummie said...

I think the wrapping fabric is cacti not watermelons, IMHO
Love you

Stephanie said...

Found you and thought I would say "Hi" I am in Maryland and can tell right off your from Canada when I saw you say "eh?" LOL Glad to see a new quilting blog. I have only been on since October myself. I love the watermellon/cacti fabric and am sure you can find something to do with it! Welcome to the world of NICE PEOPLE!!! Stephanie

Jacqui's Quilts said...

LOVE the cacti fabric...just too cool!!