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Monday, February 22, 2010

Whatz snu, eh?

Hi There!

Well, I promised myself that I would try
and blog as much as possible.
Actually, don't tell anyone,
but my New Year's resolution
was to blog every day, even!

Soooo, whatz snu, eh?

Well, I started up a new blog,

This evening, a friend recommended
that I set up a Tweeter account,
to help generate business...
I haven't figured that one out, yet.

Last Friday, I received an INCREDIBLE parcel
in my mailbox, from Cyn!!!

She knit me this incredible hat and scarf!

But I truly chortled with laughter,
when I read her card!

She wrote,
"... you have a high flamboyant quotient and can carry it off with panache!"

Isn't it nice to know that someone
KNOWS you, even though you've
never, EVER met?!?!??!

The brim can be worn 3 ways:
Down, à la Liz Taylor,
Folded up for warmer days,
and frou-frou folded inside,
for a "grey only" cap.

Okay, the "grey only" look didn't occur
in these pictures but I still LOVE it, anyhow!

Oh... I also received THREE
compliments, Friday afternoon!!!

Pretty kewl, eh?

Then, Saturday afternoon,
Gilbert and I decided to
do a few errands and do
some browsing, also.

I picked up a magazine
at Indigo.

Guess which kind I got?!?


I not only LOOK like a kid in a candy store,
but I FEEL like one, too!




Elly D said...

Wouldn't 've been Quiltmania by any chance ;)))
You suit the colour blue Rosa, Pretty hat and scarf set :)

Had fun this morning watching the first episode of Corner Gas... hilarious!! Think Neil will be enjoying it too. Thank you so much :)

quitere:- know when to stop

Frummie said...

I am signed on with a neighbors computer. Tomorrow I am off to Best Buy to tell the Geek Squad to fix this. Love your hat. I don't think I have the new Quiltmania. It's so sad when you cant remember. I belong to the CRAFT club.
Love you

Greg said...

Blue is your color!! Thats a nice hat and scarf. Have you lost any snow? Mother Nature dropped 10 inches here and if you'd like it back let me know. :)

quiltmom said...

I love your scarf and hat Rosa- such great yarn - it is the perfect hat and scarf set for you.

I love the quilt magazine section of the book store too. I was in an Indigo store here not long ago and they didn't have near the selection as yours.
Our Chapter's store has more quilt magazines. There are so many good ones out there- these days I am more choosy when it comes to buying them- I want them to have a pattern in them that I would like to make. I used to get some in the mail but now I only get quilter's newsletter now. I often buy Fons and Porter off the rack. I have bought many of the others at one time or another.
Some of our libraries carry quilt magazines including Quiltmania.
Happy quilting,Rosa!