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Sunday, February 28, 2010

This Is NOT An April's Fool Joke!!!

Hi There!

Just a "Heads Up"....

Gilbert and I quit smoking almost
one year ago and, in the meantime,
have picked up yet ANOTHER
nasty habit...

Call it gluttony, being little porkers,
lazy..... whatever you wish,
but we gained a LOT of weight!

April 1st, 2010

I'm giving you fair warning,
that I will be changing my life
and lifestyle, along with my dietary intake
and will probably be complaining,
in a bad mood and/or just plain

No, I won't tell you how much
I weigh, but I will tell you
how much I wish to loose
and will probably have
some kind of barometer on
the calories that I have lost.

Hopefully, this will prove to
you and ME that I'm serious,
this time!

Anyhow, for now,
here's a cartoon to hopefully,
make you chuckle.



Greg said...

Good luck on your lifestyle change. (Notice the lack of use of the 'd" word!) We're all BEHIND you 100% and can't WEIGHT to see the new you!!!

Pat from FL and MI said...

Way to go girl. Not only a skinnier you, but a healthier one too, which is way more important!

Frummie said...

You go girl. Healthy is the way to be. With warmer weather coming up your way, try a little walking.
You will do great!
Love you

viridian said...

Love your cartoon. Ain't it the truth.

Miriam said...

Congratulations to you both for giving up smoking!
After that achievement sticking to a healthy lifestyle will be easy.
Good luck!