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Monday, March 1, 2010

Canadian Pride!

Hi There!

Last Saturday, Elaine, my friend from California asked me if Gilbert and I would be watching the final (2010 Winter Olympics) hockey game, between Canada and the USA. And in the same breath, she told me that her and her hubby were quite excited about this game.

Well, once I told her that Gilbert and I NEVER watch sports on TV and weren't planning on watching this game, she encouraged me to (pretend) be there, with them.

Okay, I thought... I'll play along. First thing was to try and convince Gilbert, though.

Conversation Sunday morning, at our kitchen table:
Me: You know, Gilbert, we should maybe make an effort and watch this hockey game, eh?
Him: *looked at me, above his glasses, as if I had TOTALLY lost it.*
- add dramatic pause, here.
Me: Seriously, it's not like one of the regular hockey games, where everyone's more interested on how many fights occur and besides, it might be interesting. Who knows, eh? Plus, Elaine and her hubby will be watching it, too.
Him: *no reply - still staring at me, like I had grown alien antennaes on my head*

Well, 4h00 p.m. arrived - that's when the hockey game was starting up and by coincidence, we were BOTH sitting in front of our desk, where our TV is.

I casually mentioned the hockey game and HEY, he turned on the TV, to the game!

Anyhow, a few minutes later, I get an email from Elaine, asking,
"Are you here, yet?"

Remember, we're "pretending" to be at the game together, okay?

I reply that I'm there and am still trying to locate her!

So, since I'm sitting in my chair, hand quilting, I asked Gilbert to take a couple pictures of me, watching the TV... so that I can send them to Elaine, right?

Two pictures got taken and I put the camera down, in front of me. Almost simultaneously, I receive an email from Elaine with a picture of THEIR television screen!!!!

Can you BAH-LEEVE this?!?!?!?

Here's my 2 pictures:

Well, Canada scored the first goal and then, a SECOND ONE!!!

In between the intermissions, I was calling Elaine!
How fun was that, eh?!??!

Finally, the USA scored a goal and Elaine sent me this picture of her hubby!
(They had pre-decided that she would cheering for Canada and he would be cheering for the USA.)

Gilbert noticed his Moosehead t-shirt and I wrote and told them. Elaine wrote back and said that her hubby wanted us to email him a Moosehead beer.

His wish was my command - We sent him a Moosehead beer!

Well, Gilbert got (almost) chanting, throughout the whole game, "I wouldn't be surprised if the game goes into OverTime... I wouldn't be surprised if the game goes into OverTime... These games usually go into OverTime... Wait and see - it'll probably go into OverTime..."

Finally, 1 minute left into the game and the score's 2-1 for Canada and I told him, "Will you stop? Look, there's less than ONE minute left? Canada's gonna win, for sure!"

Well, hit me in the face with a hockey stick!!!!

At 26 seconds left, USA team scored their SECOND goal!!!!!

They were tie!!!

Elaine sent a picture of her hubby, with a written note:
"He's going wild!!!"


Well, Canada finally pulled up their socks and into OverTime, scored a THIRD goal and .... well, they won the gold medal.

Honestly, though.... the USA team, IMHO, was just as good as our Canuks.... and I felt their loss and disappointment.

But I truly do believe that they should skate with their heads held up high -
They played an EXCELLENT game!!!

Now, to borrow a paragraph from another Canadian blogger friend (QuiltMom's Journey), about the 2010 Olympics:
"All across this great country in which we live, there has been a sense of community and belonging. A not so quiet patriotism has risen up to celebrate our Canadian identity."

Her words described how I felt, too.

And YEP - Sid the Kid, or Sidney Crosby,
from Nova Scotia, scored the winning goal!!!!

How great was that, eh?!?!?!?

Well, I've rambled on, long enough...

Besides, I have yet ANOTHER
blog that I want to share with you....
including pics!

Later 'gator!


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Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Hi Rosa,

Thanks for sharing the adventure with us at one of THE best hockey games I have seen in a long time!

The snacks and beer were great...Jim thank's you again Gilbert for the "Moosehead"!

Nothing like sharing good times with friends!


Elaine in SLO, Ca