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Saturday, March 27, 2010

7 in 4.5 hours!!!

Hi There!

Okay, those of you that say you don't have time to do a Dear Jane BOW (Block Of the Week), I managed to do SEVEN blocks yesterday.... in 4-1/2 hours!

No, I didn't rush about like I was on the Sewing Olympics, but I didn't dilly dally either. I paper pieced these ones and even had the time to remove most of the pieces of papers behind the blocks.

I realized, Thursday evening that I had mis-counted - insert a LONG SIGH here - and that I had to make ELEVEN more blocks, for the "Stripper's Delight" pattern.

Wait a sec - This gets worst.

One of my friends, the week
BEFORE had offered to send me HER
FFF (Fabulous Fall Frolic) swapped blocks,
as she really didn't think she'd ever have
the time to do anything with them
and I had chuckled at her offer and politely told her...
"No, but no thanks!"

(enter the words - STUPID ROSA - here)


Anyhow, yesterday afternoon, I decided to put my foot to the pedal and zip these babies out! I also found a pattern with small appliquéd leaves, to fit on a 4-1/2 inch block.

Worked on the appliqués yesterday evening and finished off their stems, this afternoon.

I now have 3 more of these darlings to make.

Now, I'll just need to square these up and "frame" them!

This morning, my friend Karen called me up, to accompany her to our one and only hook rug shop... approximately 1/2 an hour from here. Well, after a bit of coaxing, I told her "Yes.", but in my mind, I wasn't going to buy ANYTHING! ... although this lady DOES carry some fabrics, also.


Well, I got suckered into my first hook rug project. Needless to say, Karen was jumping up and down with joy! She's a "hooker" and I'm a "quilter" and deep down inside, I had always hoped that I would convert her.
Who knew, eh? I think she had the same feelings, too!

Only her "feelings" won over mine!


Well, I think those rugs are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!

Will keep you all posted on my progress....

Headin' downstairs in Sewing Studio to prep that project!

Oh yah!

After my outting with Karen and once I got home, Gilbert and I headed out to pick up a gift for another friend. Neither one of us had had dinner, so we stopped at Vito's Restaurant. I had shishkababs(SP?) and Gilbert had Penne Zesto.

Can you say "Delicious"?!??!


Anyhow, have a great weekend!
Now I'm REALLY headin' downstairs!



Elly D said...

You have a friend that's a hooker?? rofl!! You kept that quiet;))

Okay, mind outta the gutter... You're blocks are great Rosa!! Love them!! Wish I could motivate myself to sew like you!! I've got the second from left on the bottom to do :) Before tomorrow!! Oh well maybe make it tomorrow. It's a peasey smeazy pp one. Hope you enjoyed those shishkebabs >>> YUMMY!!!

flammobi.... Japanese belt set alight ;)))

Susan In Texas said...

Your DJ's look great. I think making that many in such a short time, even if they are the so-called "easier" ones (hah!) is a major accomplishment.

Happy hooking (sorry, couldn't resist!)

KJ McLean said...


Karen the Hooker

Frummie said...

I was a hooker until everything started moving south.

Pat from FL and MI said...

You were not! ROFWL!

Way to go on those blocks! I'm looking forward to your hooking career, LOL!

Mrs Butterfly said...

7 in 4.5 takes me all week to do promise to have some me time this afternoon...but can't promise 7...yours are great by the way...

RETRO-fabulous said...

7!?! WOW! It takes me a day to do one...sometimes two days. Last night I tried to figure out L-10, did 2 outer sides and went to bed. You must be gifted, Rosa.

LiteMotif said...

Hi Rosa, Well now I don't know whether to spend my "me" time sewing or eating. Both of your projects look so delightful. By the way, I have done some rughooking in the past, now I want to learn to locker hook. It looks easy but I haven't had the time to sit and learn.